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Video library

Video library

Here you can find all the audio and video materials we produce regarding the different events and projects that Red Eléctrica undertakes. This audio-visual information, which can de downloaded, includes, when necessary, links and supplementary documentation.

Our goal: to drive the green and digital transformation and we do so with a plan that is realistic, honest and fully transparent and is a true reflection of our purpose: to guarantee the electricity supply and ensure connectivity, driving a green transition that is fair and based on sustainability criteria, showcasing our neutrality and contributing to social and territorial cohesion.

Red Eléctrica has reached its 35th anniversary. During all these years, the company has assumed a responsibility to develop a business model that is capable of converting challenges into opportunities, relying on foundations of excellence, innovation, integrity, honesty and combining its business activities with care for the environment and the creation of shared value with society.

Red Eléctrica needs to play a leading role in the energy transition of our country. This will require us to take on enormous challenges as transmission agent and operator of the electricity system that we will need to face through innovation.

From the moment that it bought the transmission infrastructure in the Canary Islands at the end of 2010, Red Eléctrica embarked on an ambitious plan to update and improve it, known as Project MAR (Improvement of Network Assets).

4 priorities identified as the drivers to respond to the challenges and opportunities that the Company faces.

With this project, Red Eléctrica offset a part of its CO2 emissions, collaborates on biodiversity conservation and contributes to the development of the local economies through the fact that reforestation works are carried out by local companies and organisations.

Can you imagine life without electricity? We have a 30-year track record operating a system with an installed power capacity of 100 GW and managing a vast high-voltage transmission grid. We are also pioneers in the safe integration of renewables.