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02-03-2021 /



30.976 MW

Expected : 30.952 MW

Scheduled: 31.651 MW

Emissions (t CO2 eq/h): 3.021 t/h


Peninsular daily balancing

Demand day 02/03/2021: 698 GWh

Renewable generation: 359 GWh (52,1%)

Zero CO2 eq. generation: 539 GWh (78,3%)
FY2020 Financial Results and Business Plan 2021-2025
FY2020 Financial Results and Business Plan 2021-2025

Grupo Red Eléctrica, Correos and social enterprise AlmaNatura have reached an agreement to produce the second edition of Holapueblo (‘Hello village’), an initiative that aims to repopulate unpopulated regions of Spain by providing support to entrepreneurs so that they can settle and implement their business plans in rural communities.


Spain’s first rural energy community, located in the municipality of Castilfrío de la Sierra (Soria), has started its journey with the constitution of the neighbourhood association that is to manage it. Under the name of Hacendera Solar, this initiative will cover part of the municipality’s demand for electricity and will help considerably reduce carbon emissions as well as the town’s and its inhabitants’ electricity spend.

Spain’s first rural energy community is constituted

The Red Eléctrica Group has joined the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) promoted by UN Women and the United Nations Global Pact, adding to the list of 152 Spanish companies that have so far shown their support for these principles.


Today at 2:28 pm, the windy weather conditions in Spain enabled wind power generation to reach a new all-time high, registering 19,588 MW of instantaneous power using this technology, which is an increase of 3.76% compared to the previous record of 18,879 MW recorded just over a year ago, on 12 December 2019. Thanks to this contribution from wind power, 83% of the demand registered in the peninsular electricity system at said time was covered by energy coming from renewable sources.

wind power

Technological innovation has been and still is the hallmark of the Red Eléctrica Group. This was made evident and showcased at Elewit’s Innovation Sessions recently held in December and which were geared towards highlighting those projects and experiences in innovation carried out by the Company.


We have launched redOS, an application for smartphones that enables users to consult real-time information on the behaviour of the electricity system and thus follow the evolution of the energy transition in Spain. This new app, which replaces and is an evolution of SmartVIu app, adds new functionalities and expands the range of content designed both for experts in the sector and for society in general.

The contribution to economic and social development is one of the main commitments of the Red Eléctrica Group and as part of that determination and its culture of compliance, it assumes its tax responsibility in a transparent manner through its tax contribution and the payment of taxes, and the publication of its Tax Transparency Report.
In 2019, the Company strengthened its commitment to sustainable development through its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and its eleven Sustainability Goals.
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture and we continue to implement policies and procedures that ensure it.

Red Eléctrica publishes its Healthy Workplace Report, an exercise in transparency and self-evaluation which includes the main actions and initiatives carried out in 2019 to guarantee the health and safety of employees and their families.

We have published our Talent Management Report, which covers the main activities we carried out during 2019 to further develop and evolve the potential and talent of our professionals.

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