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Emissions (t CO2 eq/h)

REDATA: Statical data

Peninsular daily balancing

Demand day 19/04/2024
613 GWh

Renewable generation
468 GWh (69,7%)

Zero CO2 eq. generation
594 GWh (91,6%)

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In Red Eléctrica we highlight
Exhibition ‘Connected to the Future‘

A new interactive and digital experience, designed to increase knowledge about the Energy Transition and the active role that consumers will play in the future. 

Towards a new future for Spain

The future Peninsula-Ceuta link is a strategic and transformational project that will integrate Ceuta into the mainland electricity system, significantly improving the quality and security of supply, putting an end to its status as an energy island and making significant progress in the energy transition.

The Salto de Chira reversible pumped-storage hydroelectric power station is an essential infrastructure for advancing towards the sustainability of a new energy model for the Canary Islands, based on renewable energies. An innovative project that puts Gran Canaria at the forefront of storage technology.

The new interconnection with France via the Bay of Biscay is recognised as a Project of Community Interest by the European Commission. With its commissioning, we will be able to double our exchange capacity with France, reinforcing the security of both systems and making joint progress in the energy transition.

System reports

Annual online reports with the main figures and statistical ratios referred to the performance of the Spanish electricity system. 

800 students of high schooll learn about fire prevention
The Regional Government of Castile and León and Red Eléctrica will train high school students in the restoration of landscapes damaged by wildfires
Red Eléctrica inaugurates the Cerdà sub-station, essential for the energy transformation of the Port of Barcelona
Demand for electricity in Spain grows 0.8% in February
Red Eléctrica starts the enlargement of the Abrera substation to help boost the automotive industry