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Emissions (t CO2 eq/h)

REDATA: Statical data

Peninsular daily balancing

Demand day 02/12/2022
681 GWh

Renewable generation
239 GWh (31,9%)

Zero CO2 eq. generation
408 GWh (55,0%)

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In Red Eléctrica we highlight
Exhibition ‘Connected to the Future‘

A new interactive and digital experience, designed to increase knowledge about the Energy Transition and the active role that consumers will play in the future. 

2022 a brilliant year for solar photovoltaic energy

Several historical milestones were set in 2022 making solar photovoltaic technology one of the main sources of electricity generation in Spain, a country that is privileged due to the quantity and quality of sunlight hours it has.

#GridsthatbringLife towards a new future for Spain
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Blog Red2030

Action, Sustainability, Committment!

Our blog on the 2030 Agenda and Energy Transition.
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Blog Red2030
Red Eléctrica, EIT InnoEnergy, and Elewit have developed three projects on innovative technology to drive the energy transition
Red Eléctrica commissions the Caparacena-Baza line section of the Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina axis, key to the economic development of Eastern Andalusia
Demand for electricity in Spain fell 5.1% in October
Red Eléctrica and its Moroccan counterpart carry out maintenance work on the reserve cable of the submarine electricity link between Spain and Morocco