Rómulo Project, the Spanish peninsula-Balearic Islands' electricity interconnection

The electricity interconnection between the Spanish peninsula and the Balearic Islands is a project which is key to ensuring and improving the reliability of the electricity supply of the Balearic system given its unique nature, having 2 small subsystems and being isolated, from an electricity standpoint. This project has allowed the integration of the Balearic Islands' electricity system into the Iberian electricity market, therefore establishing a competitive generation market on the Islands.

This electricity interconnection has, since August 2012, been running under normal operation. The Iberian system provides the equivalent of 15% of the electricity consumed in the Islands and improves the reliability of electricity supply of the Balearic Islands' system. In the first months of full operation, the electricity link has already demonstrated, on various occasions, its effectiveness in stabilizing the Balearic Islands electricity grid when faced with incidents.

The Rómulo Project represents the largest investment ever made by Red Eléctrica in one single project (420 million euros) and its development has represented a milestone, of world reference, due to its unique nature and technical complexity, which has demonstrated the remarkable technological capacity of Red Eléctrica.

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