Red Eléctrica publishes the new access capacity of the transmission grid adapted to the 2021-2026 Planning

This information is essential to know which Spanish transmission grid nodes have available capacity for the access and connection of electricity generation facilities.

Currently, more than 57% of the Spanish power generation fleet is renewable.

Red Eléctrica, a subsidiary of Redeia, in its capacity as operator of the Spanish electricity system, will publish as of this morning the new access capacity of the nodes that make up the transmission grid for the connection of future renewable generation facilities. This update takes into account the scenarios set out in the 2021-2026 Network Development Plan approved in March of this year. The calculation of this access capacity, which is updated monthly on the Company's website, is carried out in accordance with the methodology established in the Detailed Specifications of the CNMC Resolution of 20 May 2021.

The published access capacity, i.e., the maximum power that new electricity generation facilities can inject into the grid, considers technical aspects of the operation of the electricity system that are necessary in order to favour the integration of as much renewable generation as possible in a safe and reliable manner. On this occasion, these technical aspects have been adapted to the scenarios proposed by the 2021-2026 Network Development Plan.

This information is especially relevant in order to know the available capacity of the nodes where generators seek to connect new renewable production to the transmission grid.

Red Eléctrica, in an effort to showcase its transparency and responsibility towards all agents involved, organised an online meeting on 15 June to present the new guidelines and informative documentation available. The event was followed online by more than 1,400 people, and the meeting was recorded and can be seen via this link. In addition, the Company provides all the available information on requesting access and connection to the grid on its Client Services portal (only available in Spanish).

The Spanish electricity system currently has more than 114,600 MW of installed power capacity, of which 57.3% corresponds to renewable generation technologies. This renewable presence in the Spanish power generation fleet, as well as favourable weather conditions, meant that 46.7% of the annual electricity generated in 2021 came from renewable sources.

2021-2026 Network Development Plan

With an investment of 6,964 million euros, this new Plan is a strategic instrument that will be used to develop the infrastructure necessary for Spain to continue to enjoy a high-quality electricity supply and to push forward in the decarbonisation of its energy model and in its fight against climate change. The actions included within the Plan will size and prepare the transmission grid in the coming years so that it is capable of connecting and integrating an increased share of new renewable generation capacity at the pace set by Spain’s National Energy and Climate Plan and thus make it available to consumers. Therefore, it is estimated that thanks to this roadmap, in 2026 renewable energy will reach a share of 67% in the national electricity generation mix.

For more information on the 2021-2026 Grid Development Plan