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Red Eléctrica launches its new blog ‘Entrelíneas’.

Red Eléctrica de España has launched its new blog 'Entrelíneas', a new informative channel that offers a user-friendly and clear approach to all the news about the Company. Thus, via the link, the Company invites readers of the blog to participate and become involved


The Local Council of Molinos (Teruel) now has a modern wall climbing facility financed by Red Eléctrica de España

Local residents from the Teruel municipality of Molinos and enthusiastic rock climbers can now enjoy a modern wall climbing facility thanks to the agreement signed between the Local Council and Red Eléctrica de España; said agreement is part of the Company’s Corporate Responsibility actions associated with the Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella high-voltage lines. The electricity transmission company contributed 11,858 euros to the construction of this new facility.


Red Eléctrica sponsors the spectacular ‘Gran Fondo de Ézaro’ cycling event

Cycling enthusiasts, including former professional cyclists like Miguel Indurain, Claudio Chiappucci and Álvaro Pino have taken part in the spectacular 'Gran Fondo de Ézaro' cycling event in which riders must climb roads made of concrete with gradients of more than 25% to reach the Ézaro lookout point. The road surface makes this ascent even harder and many participants need to dismount in order to reach the summit.


The University of Seville will monitor Red Eléctrica’s ‘Almacena’ project

Red Eléctrica de España has signed a collaboration agreement with the Electrical Engineering group from the School of Advanced Engineering of the University of Seville for monitoring the ‘Almacena’ (energy storage) R&D+i project, in which the Company has invested over 3.5 million euros. With a power output of 1 megawatt (MW) and a 3 megawatt hour capacity (MWh), this electrochemical storage system was installed in 2013 at the Carmona substation (Seville), and has a similar capacity to 600,000 typical smartphone batteries.


Red Eléctrica takes part in the Intelligent Energy Forum organised by the Seville Chamber of Commerce

The Intelligent Energy Forum, promoted by the Seville Chamber of Commerce and Red Eléctrica de España, held a business meeting with Mónica Lupión, researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative, to discuss the energy sector and the business opportunities in the field of renewable energy in the United States. The expert indicated, among other unique aspects, that the US market holds Spanish technologies in energy efficiency in high regard.