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Renewable Energy Report 2019

The interest in the evolution of renewable generation and our commitment to be a benchmark regarding statistical information on electricity in Spain has prompted us, for the fourth consecutive year, to present this report on “Renewable energies in the Spanish electricity system”, which presents a high-level overview of the behaviour of renewable energy in Spain in 2019, as well as how it has evolved over recent years.

Complementary data series in excel format (Available in Spanish)
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Renewable energy in 2019 (XLSX, 300 KB)
Energy from the wind (XLSX, 1.57 MB)
Energy from water (XLSX, 783 KB)
Energy from the sun (XLSX, 1.00 MB)
Energy from the Earth and the sea (XLSX, 316 KB)
Renewable energy in 2019 (PDF - 3.53 MB)