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Renewable Energy Report 2017

This report presents a high-level overview of the behaviour and contribution of renewable energy in Spain in 2017, as well as how it has evolved over recent years. It is broken down into five main chapters. The first chapter ‘Renewable energy in 2017’ is a summary chapter and provides the reader with a global overview of the behaviour of renewable energy throughout the year and consolidates the data that will appear in more detail in the subsequent main chapters: Energy from the wind, Energy from water, Energy from the sun and Energy from the Earth and sea.

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Renewable energy in 2017 (XLSX, 329 KB)
Energy from the wind (XLSX, 1,72 MB)
Energy from water (XLSX, 767 KB)
Energy from the sun (XLSX, 1,16 MB)
Energy from the Earth and the sea (XLSX, 330 KB)
Renewable energy in 2017 (PDF - 6.19 MB)