Transmission grid

As of July 2010, Red Eléctrica became the owner of 100% of the transmission grid in the Balearic Islands which is made up of the following elements:
  • Transmission lines with voltages of 66 kV or higher.
  • Sets of generation units or substations operating at a voltage of 66 kV or higher.
  • Electricity links between the Islands and of the archipelago with the Spanish peninsula, irrespective of the voltage level.
  • 220, 132 and 66 kV transformers.

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Map of the Balearic Islands’ electricity system (January 2018, PDF only available in Spanish, 7.95 MB).

Following the acquisition in 2010 of the transmission lines and substations on the Balearic Islands, Red Eléctrica has been carrying out a programme for the integration and improvement of these installations, adapting them to the quality standard of those transmission infrastructures on the Spanish peninsula.

With this objective in mind, during the 2011-2018 period, Red Eléctrica is carrying out the MAR Project (Improvement of Grid Assets). The objectives of the MAR Project are the following:

  • Adaptation of the infrastructures on the Balearic Islands to the quality standards of those on the Spanish peninsula.
  • Resolve the inadequacies of the existing transmission grid.
  • Integrate the acquired assets into Red Eléctrica's control systems.
  • Apply a maintenance plan adapted to the unique characteristics of the electricity system.

The specific characteristics of insular grids require a special maintenance plan that involves more investment and complexity than the works carried out on the Spanish peninsula:

  • Performing live-working maintenance works, as the system is saturated and does not allow the disconnection of lines.
  • Annual revision of all lines via thermal imaging (on the Spanish peninsula only 25% undergo revision each year).
  • Applying anti-corrosive materials in the projects.
  • Increase in on foot inspections and thermal imaging in areas of difficult access.
  • Weekly revision of underground electricity lines.
  • Permanent support to the maintenance workforce.