Status of the environmental permitting process of projects
All projects undertaken by Red Eléctrica are evaluated from an environmental standpoint, and the competent environmental authorities are informed and their approval is requested. This process is performed even for projects which do not need to be submitted to the environmental impact assessment procedure.

The majority of the projects carried out by Red Eléctrica are bound by law to this procedure. The environmental impact assessment is therefore the most appropriate tool to minimize the environmental impacts generated by Red Eléctrica’s electricity infrastructure. With it, adequate prevention of environmental and social impacts that may be causes be the facilities is ensured, whilst establishing effective mechanisms to prevent, reduce or offset these possible impacts. It also acts as a tool for communication with public administrations and other stakeholders, whose participation is essential.

Depending on the type of infrastructure that is being assessed, the following is a breakdown of which administrative body is responsible for its processing:

  1. The Central Government Administration: for 400 kV infrastructure of the grid, 220 kV international interconnections or infrastructures that are located in more than one autonomous region.
  2. Regional Governments: for 220 kV infrastructure of the grid or for those of lower voltages in the insular systems.

The authorisations that are required to carry out infrastructure projects are the following: environmental impact statement (in the majority of the cases), prior administrative authorisation, declaration of public utility, administrative authorization for construction and the operating license.

Below you will find information regarding the status of the administrative permitting process of the different projects that Red Eléctrica is carrying out, although it should be noted that this website is not the appropriate channel if you wish to present any official claim, argument or procedure.

Prior consultation phase
File number Name of project Autonomous communities Documentation
  Spain-France electricity interconnection across the Bay of Biscay País Vasco pdf DI (PDF, 12 MB)
  Substation Las Breñas 66kV
and lines L+C/66 kV Las Breñas-Valle de Aridane,
L+C/66 kV Guinchos-Las Breñas
and L+C/66 kV Las Breñas-L/Guinchos-Valle de Aridane
Canarias pdf DI (PDF, 7.33 MB)
  SE 220 kV Tierra Estella (antigua Dicastillo) y L/220 kV Tierra Estella-Muruarte (June 2019) Navarra pdf DI (PDF, 1.69 MB)
DI: Initial documentation.

The documentation corresponding to all projects is only available in the Spanish version of the web.

Public consultation phase
File number Name of project Autonomous communities Documentation
  Submarine electricity interconnection Península-Ceuta
Substation 220/132 kV Los Portichuelos (Cádiz);
Substation 132 kV Ceuta (Ceuta);
Substation 132 kV Double circuit line Los Portichuelos-Ceuta;
220 kV electricity line, incoming and outgoing, in the Los Portichuelos substation of the 220 kV Algeciras-Puerto Real line
Ceuta pdfDI (PDF, 3,33 MB)
20150107 Substation a 400 kV Gramanet
Transformation 400 kV L/220 kV Sentmenat-Sant Fost-Canyet-Sant Andreu-Can Jardí
Connection a 400 kV Pierola-Gramanet
Cataluña pdf DA (PDF, 46 MB)
  L+C 66 kV Arinaga-Barranco de Tirajana Canarias pdfDA: Initial (PDF, 9,58 MB), Aditional to Initial (PDF, 69 KB)
  Substation 400/220 kV Torrejón de Velasco Madrid pdf DA (PDF, 16.3 MB)
  Access to the transmission grid project: L/66 kV Guinchos-Valle de Aridane (before Albuñuelas) Canarias pdf DA (PDF, 162.78 MB)
  A.C. L/220 kV Garoña-Puentelarrá (Jul 2019) Castilla y León-País Vasco pdf DA (PDF, 3.95 MB)
  SE Ronda 400 kV y L/400 kV Ronda-L/Jordana-Tajo (Sep 2019) Andalucía pdf DA (PDF, 11.4 MB)
  L/220 kV Atios-Montouto Galicia pdf DA (PDF, 17.8 MB)
  SE Saleres 220 kV y Líneas
L/220 kV El Fargue - Saleres
L/220 kV Saleres-L/Gavias-Órgiva
L/220 kV Saleres-L/Berja-Órgiva
Andalucía pdf EIA (PDF, 1,15 MB) Map (PDF, 25 MB) Map (PDF, 53 MB) Map (PDF, 45 MB)
  Línea 220kV Benahadux-Saleres Andalucía pdf EIA (PDF, 1,12 MB),Maps (PDF, 20 MB)
  220KV Overhead Juià-La Farga 3 electricity line Cataluña pdf EIA (PDF, 1.59 MB)
  Substation Arnero 220 kV
Extension of the substation Cinca 220 kV
L/220 kV Arnero-L/Mequinenza-Monzón
L/220 kV Arnero-L/Monzón-Riba Roja
L/220 kV Arnero-L/Grado-Monzón
L/220 kV Monzón-Cinca
Aragón pdfEIA: Summaries (PDF, 1.51 MB)
  Repowering of L/220 kV Pobla-T Foradada Cataluña pdfEIA: Summaries (PDF, 271 KB)
  C/132 kV Torrente-Formentera (Ibiza-Formentera) Baleares pdfEIA: Summaries (PDF, 1.5 MB)
  Substation Formentera 132 kV
Extension of the substation Formentera 30 kV
C/132 kV Formentera 132 kV-Formentera 30 kV
  pdfEIA: Summaries (PDF, 1.52 MB)
20050200 Substation Sama 400 kV
L/400 kV Sama-Velilla
L/400 kV Sama-L/Soto-Lada
L/400 kV Sama-L/Lada-Robla
Asturias-Castilla León pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 202 MB), Initial (PDF, 6.50 KB)
20080077 Substation Baza 400 kV
Substation Ribina 400 kV
L/400 kV Ribina-L/El Palmar-Litoral
L/400 kV Ribina-Baza
Andalucia pdf EIA: Summaries Baza-Caparacena (PDF, 1.09 KB), Summaries Baza-La Ribina (PDF, 593 KB) ,Summaries  SE. 400 kV Baza (PDF, 284 KB), Summaries  SE. 400 kV Ribina L. 400 kV La Ribina-L. El Palmar-Litoral (PDF, 475 KB), Initial Baza-Caparacena (PDF, 7.51 MB), Initial Ribina-Baza (PDF, 4.95 MB)
20050308 Extension Substation La Plana 400 kV
L/400 kV La Plana-Morella
Valencia pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 14.2 MB), Initial (PDF, 2.05 MB)
  Substation San Fernando 220 kV
L/220 kV San Fernando-L/S.S. de los Reyes-Villaverde
C/220 kV San Fernando-Puente San Fernando
Madrid pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 490 KB), Initial (PDF, 434 KB)
20110377 Substation Beariz 400 kV
Substation Fontefría 400 kV
L/400 kV Beariz-L/Mesón-Cartelle
L/400 kV Beariz-Fontefría
L/400 kV Fontefría-Frontera Portuguesa
Galicia pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 466 KB), Initial (PDF, 42.6 MB)
  Substation Fontefría 220 kV
L/220 kV Fontefría-L/Pazos-Suido
L/220 kV Fontefría-Pazos
Galicia pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 466 KB), Initial (PDF, 42.6 MB)
19818b/08 Substation Barranco de Tirajana III 220 kV
L/220 kV Barranco de Tirajana III-L/Barranco de Tirajana-Jinamar
L/220 kV Barranco de Tirajana III-L/Jinamar-Santa Agueda
Canarias pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 995 KB), Initial (PDF, 958 KB)
AT 11/105 L/220 kV Barranco de Tirajana-Sabinal Canarias pdf EIA: Summaries (PDF, 1.20 MB), Initial (PDF, 659 KB)
  L/220 kV Mangraners-Juneda-La Espluga-Montblanc-Penedés-Begues Cataluña pdfEIA Initial (PDF, 86.4 MB)
  ESIA A.C. L/220 kV Santiponce-Cristobal Colón Andalucía pdfEIA Initial (PDF, 8.30 MB)
  A.C. L/220 kV Benahadux-Órgiva Andalucía pdfEIA Initial (PDF, 5.87 MB)
  Environmental impact assessment L/200 kV Cacicedo-Puente San Miguel Cantabria pdf EIA: Statement (PDF, 1 MB)
  Substation 400/220 kV Abegondo, E/S Abegondo-L/Mesón do Vento-Puentes de Gª Rodríguez y D/C Cable 220 kV Abegondo-Eiris Galicia pdfEIA (PDF, 149 MB)
  220 kV Mesón do Vento-Regoelle circuit Galicia pdfEIA (PDF, 3.37)
  SE. Drago, L. 66 kV Chío-Drago,
L. 66 kV Drago-Icod de los Vinos
y entrada en Drago de la L. 66 kV Icod de los Vinos-Cuesta de la Villa
y de la L. 66 kV Icod de los Vinos-Los Realejos.
Canarias pdf EIA (PDF, 8.80 MB)
  Voltage change from 220 kV to 400 kV in the Loeches-SSReyes Line (Dec 2016) Madrid pdf EIA (PDF, 36 MB)
  Repowering of L/400 kV Archidona-Caparacena-Tajo de la Encantada Andalucía pdf EIA (PDF, 521 KB)
DI: Initial documentation.
DA: Enviromental document.
EIA: Environmental impact assessment - summaries.
(*) This project dossier does not require a pre-consultation phase in accordance with Law 21/2013, of 9 December, on Environmental Assessment. This phase is optional and is voluntary should the promoter wish to conduct it.

The documentation corresponding to all projects is only available in the Spanish version of the web.

Environmental authorisation phase
File number Name of project Autonomous communities Documentation
  L. 132 kV Ibiza-Torrent 1 y 2 Baleares pdf Resolution (PDF, 149 KB)
  L. 66 kV Guía de Isora-Los Olivos Canarias pdf Resolution (PDF, 245 KB)
  L. 66 kV Guajara-El Rosario Canarias pdf Resolution (PDF, 267 KB)
  Environmental Impact Assessment - 66 kV Arinaga-Escobar line Canarias pdf Resolution (PDF, 1.20 MB)
  Repowering of L. 220 kV Dos Hermanas-Puerto Real Andalucía pdf Resolution (PDF, 450 KB)
  Repowering of L. 220 kV Alcores-Gazules Andalucía pdf Resolution (PDF, 705 KB)
  Sta. María-Son Orlandis Baleares pdf Resolution (PDF, 1.54 MB)
  L. 66 kV Barranco de Tirajana-Arinaga Canarias pdf Resolution (PDF, 2.26 MB)
  Renovation of substation Valdeconejos 220 kV
L/220 kV Valdeconejos-Escucha
L/220 kV Mezquitra-L/Sierra Costera Fase II-Valdeconejos
Aragón pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 1.38 MB), Documentation (PDF, 302 KB)
20080375 Substation Cañaveral 400 kV
L/400 kV Cañaveral-L/Arañuelo-Jose María Oriol
Extremadura pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 3.08 MB), Documentation (PDF, 260 KB)
20090034 Substation Carmonita 400 kV
L/400 kV Carmonita-L/Almaraz-San Serván
Extremadura pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 287 KB), Documentation (PDF, 284 KB)
20090429 Phase transformer Galapagar 400 kV Madrid pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 366 KB), Documentation (PDF, 243 KB)
  Repowering of L/400 kV La Roca-Vic Cataluña pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 660 KB), Documentation (PDF, 2.18 MB)
20110247 Repowering of L/220 kV Moralets-Pont de Suert Cataluña pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 3.7 MB), Documentation (PDF, 1.84 MB)
20110456 Repowering of L/220 kV Andújar-Puertollano Castilla la Mancha-Extremadura pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 460 KB), Documentation (PDF, 746 KB)
20130193 Repowering of L/400 kV Almaraz-Villaviciosa 1-2 Extremadura-Madrid pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 448 KB), Documentation (PDF, 36.8 MB)
  Substation Alcalá II 220 kV
Substation Arroyo de las Monjas 220 kV
Substation Anchuelo 220 kV
Extension of the substation Anchuelo 400 kV
L/220 kV Anchuelo-Arroyo de las Monjas
L/220 kV Alcalá 2-L/Anchuelo-Arroyo de las Monjas
L/220 kV Arroyo de las Monjas-Meco
Madrid pdfER: Resolution (PDF, 8.46 MB), Documentation (PDF, 107 MB)
  Double circuit 220 kV Artá – Bessons line, 132 kV Artá Mesquida line, Modification of the 220 kV Bessons - Llubí 1 line, Modification of the 66 kV Bessons - Manarcor 2 and the Bessons - Can Picafort lines and Enlargement of the Bessons substation Baleares pdf EIA (PDF, 1.53 MB)
  Preliminary Environmental Impact Study. Increase in Transmission Capacity and replacement of towers of the 220kV Pereda-Telledo electricity transmission line Asturias pdf ER (PDF, 342 KB); Attachments (ZIP, 12.72 MB)
  L. 66 kV El Tablero-Lomo-Maspalomas. T.M. San Bartolomé de Tirajana (Gran Canaria, Las Palmas) Canarias pdf ER (PDF, 1.32 MB)
  Repowering of L. 220 kV S.C. LLavorsi-La Pobla Nov 16 Cataluña pdf ER (PDF, 5.45 MB)
  RePowering project (up to 220kV) – single circuit high-voltage Adrall-Llavorsí line Cataluña pdf ER (PDF, 4.88 MB)
  Line + Cable a 66 kV El Tablero-Santa Águeda Canarias pdf ER (PDF, 2.86 MB)
  Increase in transmission capacity in the L. 400 kV Aragón-Mequinenza Aragón pdf ER (PDF, 7.61 MB)
  L/220 kV D/C Puente Bibey de la L/Conso-Trives 220 kV Galicia pdf ER (PDF, 931 KB)
2015004 Repowering of L/220 kV Aguayo-Garoña Cantabria-Castilla León pdf ER (PDF, 36.3 MB)
  L+C/66 kV El Rosario-L/Geneto-Manuel Cruz/Dique del Este
C/66 kV El Rosario-Guajara
C/66 kV Rosario-L/Geneto-Tacoronte
(Environmental impact assessment)
Canarias pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 264 KB)
20080076 L/400 kV Baza-Caparacena Andalucia pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 920 KB), Summaries (PDF, 1.09 MB)
  Substation Luminabaso 220/25 kV (ADIF)
L/220 kV Luminabaso-L/Abadiano-Basauri
País Vasco pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 190 KB), Summaries (PDF, 495 KB)
  Substation Alaior 132 kV
L/132 kV Alaior-L/Dragonera-Mercadal
Baleares pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 368 KB), Summaries (PDF, 9.49 KB)
20040450 L/220 kV Adrall-Frontera Andorra Cataluña pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 854 KB), Summaries (PDF, 371 KB)
20040572 Substation Campanario 400/25 kV (ADIF)          
L/400 kV Pinilla-Campanario-Ayora
L/400 kV Ayora-Cofrentes
Castilla La Mancha-Valencia pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 717 KB), Summaries (PDF, 263 KB)
20090105 L/400 kV Güeñes-Itxaso Pais Vasco pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 710 KB), Summaries (PDF, 270 KB)
20060678 Substation Riudarenes 400/220/25 (ADIF)
L/400 kV Riudarenes-L/Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó
Cataluña pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 600 KB), Summaries (PDF, 20.8 KB)
20090040 Substation Cala Blava 66 kV
L/66 kV Arenal-Cala Blava
Baleares pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 46 KB), Summaries (PDF, 9.32 MB)
  L/66 kV Llucmajor-Cala Blava Baleares pdfEIS: Statement  (PDF, 46 KB), Summaries (PDF, 280 KB)
20080373 Substation Guadaira 400 kV
L/400 kV Guadaira-Don Rodrigo
Andalucia pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 680 KB), Summaries (PDF, 0.98 MB)
20090042 C/132 kV Arta-Ciudadela (Mallorca-Menorca) Baleares pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 722 KB), Summaries (PDF, 711 KB)
  Substation Llucmajor 220 kV
L/220 kV Llucmajor-Orlandis
Baleares pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 80 KB), Summaries (PDF, 383 KB)
20070630 Substation Herreros 400 kV
L/400 kV Herreros-L/Segovia-Galapagar
Castilla y León pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 585 KB), Summaries (PDF, 414 KB)
  Extension of the substation Parralejo 220 kV
L/220 kV Parralejo-Puerto Real
Andalucía pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 642 KB), Summaries (PDF, 1.02 KB)
  L/220 kV Beniferri-La Eliana Valencia pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 137 KB), Summaries (PDF, 365 KB)
  L/220 kV Renedo-L/T. Mudarra-Palencia Castilla y León pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 1.55 MB), Summaries (PDF, 96 KB)
  L/66 kV Los Vallitos-L/Chayofa-Los Olivos Canarias pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 729 KB), Summaries (PDF, 452 KB)
  Parque Macher 132 kV
Parque Playa Blanca 132 kV
L/132 kV Playa Blanca-Macher
Canarias pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 774 KB), Summaries (PDF, 1.03 MB)
  Substation Caletillas (Nueva Candelaria) 220 kV
Substation El Rosario (Nueva Geneto) 220 kV
Substation El Rosario (Nueva Geneto) 66 kV
L/220 kV Caletillas-El Rosario
L/220 kV Caletillas-Candelaria
L/66 kV El Rosario-Geneto
Canarias pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 1.07 MB), Summaries (PDF, 2.13 MB)
  DIA Subestación Isona 400 kV;
400 kV Isona-L/Sallente-Sentmenat;
L/400 kV Isona-L/Sallente-Calders
Aragón-Cataluña pdfEIS: EIS (PDF, 2.37 MB)
  Environmental impact assessment line A 220KV Cañuelo-Pinar del Rey Andalucía pdfEIS: Statement (PDF, 14.9 MB), Summaries (PDF, 3.48 MB)
  New 220 kV Mirabal Substation and 220 kV DC overhead incoming and outgoing feeder line for the Mirabal Substation in the Dos Hermanas-Puerto Real line Andalucía pdf EIS (PDF, 9.43 MB)
  RePowering projects (up to 220kV) of the Escalona-T. Foradada and Escalona-T. Escalona overhead electricity transmission lines Aragón pdf EIS (PDF, 15.6 MB)
20100562 Repowering of L/400 kV Aldeadávila/Arañuelo-Hinojosa/Almaraz JCYL-Extremadura pdf EIS (PDF, 7.54 MB)
  C/132 kV La Oliva-Playa Blanca (Lanzarote-Fuerteventura) Canarias pdf EIS (PDF, 4.04 MB)
  Substation Herreros 220 kV
L/220 kV Herreros-Otero
Castilla y León pdf EIS (PDF, 2.02 MB)
20080365 L/220 kV Haro-Alcocero de Mola Castilla León-La Rioja pdf EIS (PDF, 1.34 MB)
20080396 Parque Cartuja 400 kV
L/400 kV Arcos de la Frontera-Cartuja
Andalucia pdf EIS (PDF, 39.8 MB)
20080367 Substation San Fernando 400 kV
L/400 kV San Fernando-L/Morata-S.S. de los Reyes
Madrid pdf EIS (PDF, 8.23 MB)
  L/220 kV Jose María Oriol-Los Arenales Extremadura pdf EIS (PDF, 758 KB)
  Substation Lousame (Nueva Tambre) 220 kV
L/220 kV Lousame-Mazaricos
L/220 kV Lousame-Tibo
L/220 kV Lousame-L/Tambre-Santiago
Galicia pdf EIS (PDF, 20.3 MB)
  L. Pto Rosario - Gran Tarajal Canarias pdf Resolution (PDF, 3.94 MB)
  Double circuit 220 kV Artá – Bessons line, 132 kV Artá Mesquida line, Modification of the 220 kV Bessons - Llubí 1 line, Modification of the 66 kV Bessons - Manarcor 2 and the Bessons - Can Picafort lines and Enlargement of the Bessons substation Baleares pdf EIS (PDF, 1.53 MB)
ER: Enviromental Resolution.
EIS: Environmental impact Statement.

The documentation corresponding to all projects is only available in the Spanish version of the web.