Training and development

To promote the training and professional development of our employees, the Company has firmly undertaken a global talent management model.

Training and developmentWe are committed to training and professional development, and we have undertaken as a key objective to support the continued professional growth of people, encourage their individual development and respond to the needs of the organization.

Red Eléctrica Campus

In 2016, work began on the project for the new corporate university of the company, called Red Eléctrica Group Campus, and whose mission is to serve as a platform for the deployment of the strategy, values and culture of the Red Eléctrica Group. It will act as a meeting space that fosters collaboration and innovation in order to facilitate the achievement of the Group’s business objectives through learning and knowledge management.

This new Campus represents a major advance with regard to the previous internal training centres established in the Company since 2004, as training will now move from a mainly technical approach to a more comprehensive approach. Similarly, it will provide new spaces that will improve the resources currently available and will rely on innovative methods, modern infrastructure and advanced technology.