Our people
The Red Eléctrica Group has undertaken to extend its responsibility commitment to all the links of its value chain starting with our employees.

The Red Eléctrica Group has a highly qualified, motivated, committed and innovative workforce. These attributes are essential in order to ensure the excellent performance of the responsibilities assigned to the Company, as well as to respond to the great challenges of the coming years.

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Stable and quality employment


We seek talent and promote stable and quality employment. See more

Training and development

We seek talent

We are committed to training and professional development as a growth and differentiation strategy. See more

Diversity and equality

Diversity and equality

We promote diversity and equality. See more

Dialogue and transparency

Dialogue and transparency

Dialogue and transparency. See more

Work-life balance

Conciliación de la vida familiar

We foster and promote the work-life balance. See more

Healthy workplace

Healthy Workplace

Healthy workplace: safety, health and wellbeing. See more