The ’Youth for Youth’ Project on human rights

Red Eléctrica de España aims to raise awareness among school children about the importance of human rights. This is the main objective of 'Youth for Youth, a project of the NGO Helsinki España, which, in collaboration with Red Eléctrica, was carried out during the 2016-2017 school year in Las Palmas.

Through this activity, a group of young university students receive academic training in the field of human rights and then go to work with students in secondary schools teaching them values such as tolerance, non-discrimination and equality. In addition, the project places special focus on issues such as respect for the natural environment and the right to a future sustainable energy model in the Canary Islands, an area in which Red Eléctrica contributes its know-how and expertise.

Each participating school receives 4 workshops for each registered secondary school class. In total, 172 sessions have been held, which have had the participation of 56 university volunteers and 1,068 school students.

The ’Youth for Youth’ Project on human rightsThe ’Youth for Youth’ Project on human rights