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Holapueblo, pushing back against depopulation

Red Eléctrica has joined forces with AlmaNatura to launch Holapueblo, an initiative that seeks to invigorate sparsely populated areas through entrepreneurship.

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Presura Tour 2019: III National Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain

Red Eléctrica travelled around with the tour bus promoting the repopulation of Rural Spain with the aim of forging a collaborative network between people, united by their determination to roll back depopulation and attract entrepreneurs.

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Ecosystem for social entrepreneurship

Red Eléctrica has partnered up with El Hueco to launch a project to create an entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystem in Paredes de Nava (Palencia), with the support of the local council.

The project seeks to stimulate entrepreneurial talent in this part of Palencia in order to generate initiatives that will help reverse the depopulation process, through the promotion of innovative, sustainable ideas with a positive social impact:

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Electric Mobility

The challenge of sustainable mobility invites us all to accept our responsibility and commitment to the environment. Responsible use of electric vehicles is a great opportunity to support the transition toward a more efficient and decarbonised energy model.

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Hacendera Solar, first model of community self-sufficiency

Red Eléctrica is working with Megara Energía and the municipality of Castilfrío de la Sierra (Soria) to launch the first local energy community through the pilot project "Hacendera Solar".

Its main objective is to establish a rural energy community prototype based on collective self-sufficiency, supported by the electrical grid, and a participatory model that involves the local council and the local population in its management. As well as meeting energy demands, the design of this prototype aims to reduce carbon emissions along with the energy expenditure of the municipality and its inhabitants.

Analysing new scenarios for connected self-sufficiency from the perspective of the system operator will provide Red Eléctrica with a real-time picture of the production of this type of distributed energy and allow it to quantify the achievement of national and community renewable energy production targets.

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