Noteworthy projects

Highlighted in this section are the relevant projects that allow Red Eléctrica to minimise its impact on society, strengthening our firm commitment to improving sustainability.
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Holapueblo, pushing back against depopulation

Red Eléctrica has joined forces with AlmaNatura to launch Holapueblo, an initiative that seeks to invigorate sparsely populated areas through entrepreneurship.

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With this project Red Eléctrica expects to study the use of seeds for recovering the Posidonia oceanica sea grass meadows in the Balearic Islands. See more.

Through this project Red Eléctrica offsets part of its CO2 emissions, contributes to biodiversity conservation and the development of local economies. See more

European project aimed at overcoming the technical barriers that the pan-European grid could encounter to safely integrate massive amounts of renewable energy. See more.


We cannot comprehend our lives without electricity, but do you know how it is produced and distributed to your home?. See more.