Maximising renewables

Maximising renewables

Red Eléctrica’s core mission as operator of the electricity system is to guarantee the security and quality of the electricity supply, maximising the integration of renewable energy.

To this end, the control and supervision work carried out by the Control Centre of Renewable Energy (CECRE) is essential. But it is also necessary to develop and undertake projects aimed at energy storage, conceived as system operation tools that will help optimise the efficiency of the system.

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The incorporation of renewables into the system complies with the integration roadmap of Spain’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, with a 2030 horizon.

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Energy storage

The construction of the hydro-electric pumped storage power station between the reservoirs of Soria and Chira represents an essential tool to advance towards the sustainability of the new energy model in the Canary Islands, as it will enable greater development and increased use of renewable energy on the island of Gran Canaria. This facility will be a key element to reduce the vulnerability of the system, when faced with demand peaks, or certain situations of lack of generation associated with smaller and electrically isolated systems, such as that of the island of Gran Canaria.

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The Almacena project consists of the field installation and subsequent operation of an energy storage system, specifically a prismatic lithium-ion battery. The project aims to evaluate the technical capabilities and characteristics that this type of facility currently offers as a tool that could help improve efficiency in the operation of electricity systems. In 2014, the energy storage system was installed in the Carmona Substation (Seville) and during this period it has been going through a trial phase in which its functionalities, aimed at facilitating the integration of renewables and the improvement of the system operation services, have been tested.

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