The Red Eléctrica Group, within the framework of the development of good practices in corporate social responsibility matters and with the purpose of offering, on a voluntary basis, greater transparency on tax information for the different stakeholders, calculates and publishes its Total Tax Contribution, highlighting the relevant economic and social function derived from its tax contribution.

€743 million in Total Tax Contribution in 2018, of which 493 million correspond to tax borne and 250 million to tax collected.

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Tax borne

Tax on profits, mainly Corporate Tax (1) represents 82% of the total tax borne that has been paid to the various tax authorities, mostly to the Spanish tax authority.

Tax collected

Of the total taxes collected during 2018, tax on products and services stand out, fundamentally Value Added Tax which accounts for 82% of the total.


Total Tax Contribution by tax category

Tax on profits: 36 %

Tax on products and services: 55 %

Tax associated with employment: 8 %

Other Taxes: 1 %

Geographical distribution of the Total Tax Contribution



The revenue of the Red Eléctrica Group is mainly generated in Spain (99%)

Country by country report 2018

2017 Total
Spain (*) Peru Chile Total
Taxes borne 246 3 1 250
Taxes collected 490 3 - 493
Total tax contribution 736 6 1 743
(*) Includes EU countries


1) The effective tax rate of Corporate Tax in 2018 stood at 24.75%. The Red Eléctrica Group publishes in its Annual Accounts, and quarterly in its Quarterly Results Report, the effective tax rate of Corporate Tax. Filing consolidated returns regarding Spain’s tax rate in force and the effective tax rate applicable to the Group can be found in the Group's Consolidated Annual Accounts.