Commitment to society

Red Eléctrica focuses its socio-environmental commitment on the creation of shared value with society, promoting actions and investments aligned with its business objectives. At the same time, this commitment generates value for the Company while having a positive impact on the territory and its inhabitants. In turn, this represents a contribution of the Company to the achievement of various challenges such as those related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or those addressed in the European 2030 Energy Strategy.

Participation in organisations and associations

Red Eléctrica is a member of, and actively participates in, various organisations and associations (both national and international) in order to raise awareness and inform about the fundamental aspects of its activities and, in a more general manner, about the electricity sector, and to position itself regarding the development of legislation, regulation, guidelines and operational criteria for electricity grids and systems, especially in the European Union.

The objective is to provide complete and transparent information to policy makers and legislators so that they have the best possible information at their disposal when making decisions on energy and environmental issues.

Similarly, Red Eléctrica is a member of these entities in order to strengthen the consolidation of alliances and to promote collaboration in the achievement of common objectives. The Company's participation in these multidisciplinary working groups aims to share and extend best practices within the corporate business context in order to jointly respond to global challenges.

Transparency in institutional relations

The presence of Red Eléctrica in the institutions is based on the principles of the Company's 2030 Sustainability Commitment and, in particular, that of transparency.

In addition, Red Eléctrica has been registered in the voluntary ‘UE Transparency Register’ platform, managed by the European Parliament and the European Commission since 2011. In this way, the Company acts in a transparent manner informing its stakeholders of the actions that are carried out to contribute to the decision-making processes of the EU institutions.

In 2018, 59 memberships to various organisations and professional entities were formalised. The following table shows Red Eléctrica’s annual contribution (€) over the last four years for activities regarding representation in organisations and associations.


2018 2017 2016 2015
2,352,456 1,815,007 1,680,184 1,616,278

Noteworthy is Red Eléctrica’s participation in the following organisations that not only promote a national and international electricity grid comprised of efficient and sustainable infrastructure and which is fully accepted by society, but also place special focus on the integration of renewable energy.

Organisation Financial contribution (€)
ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity), network that groups together the transmission agents and operators of electricity systems (TSOs) in Europe, constituted according to the mandate of regulation EC 714/2009 1,969,672
Renewable Grid Initiative (RGI), initiative between European TSOs and NGOs 25,000
Spanish Energy Club, a national entity formed by agents that are related to or deal with energy 16,160

International organisations

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity)

Network that groups together the transmission agents and operators of electricity systems (TSOs) in Europe, constituted according to the mandate of regulation EC 714/2009. The members of ENTSO-E share the same objective: to establish the internal energy market and ensure the optimisation of its operation, as well as to support the ambitious European energy and climate agenda. One of the most prominent issues on the current agenda is the growing integration of renewables in the European energy system, which entails greater flexibility and a more customer-focused approach.

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CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems)

Organisation which groups together electricity companies, manufacturers of capital equipment and goods, engineering companies, universities and research centres from around the world with the aim of exchanging technical knowledge. Red Eléctrica holds the position of President and Secretary of the Spanish Committee and is also member of various committees.

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RGI (Renewable Grid Initiative)

Initiative between European TSOs and NGOs that promotes a network of efficient, sustainable, clean and socially acceptable electricity infrastructure capable of integrating generation from decentralised renewable resources and on a large-scale.

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IESOE (Interconnexion de l’électricité du Sud-ouest de l’Europe)

Regional organisation that brings together the TSOs of south-western Europe (Spain, Portugal and France) and those of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the latter organised under the so-called Maghrebien de l'Electricité Committee, mainly oriented to aspects of system operation.

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GO 15 (Reliable and Sustainable Power Grids)

Organisation which groups together the 18 largest Power Grid Operators in the world primarily geared towards sharing knowledge on a mutual basis.

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Med-TSO (Mediterranean Transmission System Operators)

Association of the TSOs of the Mediterranean basin whose objective is to coordinate development plans as well as the operation of electricity grids in the countries of this region.

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EASE (European Association for the Storage of Energy)

European association that promotes energy storage as an essential tool to improve flexibility and provide services for the energy system with full respect to the EU’s climate and energy policies.

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European Foundation for Quality Management

Non-profit foundation that defines a model of Quality and Excellence as a way for self-evaluation and determination of the processes of continuous improvement in private and public business environments.

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ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network)

Investor-led organisation whose mission is to promote effective standards of corporate governance and investor management to advance in efficient markets and sustainable economies around the world, guided by the Global Governance Principles and the Global Principles of Global Accountability of ICGN.

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National organisations

ASCOM (Spanish Compliance Association)

First association constituted with the objective of giving professional status to the function of Compliance. In addition, it acts as a think tank to exchange ideas and best practices among the professionals and entities belonging to it.

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Spanish Association for Quality

Association focused on raising awareness, training, qualification and certification of professionals of Spanish organisations, thereby promoting the culture of quality, sustainable management, brand value in services, knowledge management and other processes of social interest.

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Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification

Private entity whose activity contributes to improve the quality and competitiveness of companies, their products and services, through the development of technical standards and certifications.

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CEEP (European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services and Services of general interest)

Centre that brings together companies or associations with public participation and any private company or association that provides a service of general interest, in any territorial or sectoral area.

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CEPREDE (Economic Forecasting Centre)

It is an economic research centre comprised of leading Spanish companies and institutions, of all sizes. As a whole, these companies form an outstanding group that enables the analysis of economic forecasts regarding Spain.

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Círculo Cívico de Opinión

Non-profit association conceived as an open, plural and independent forum of civil society. Its objective is to identify, analyse and discuss the main problems that Spanish society poses, in order that the conclusions and suggestions of its debates be transferred to the public arena.

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Spanish Energy Club

A private, non-profit entity. Its main objective is to help the various social interlocutors and other interested parties, both at a national and international level, to better understand the different issues related to energy.

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Club Excelencia en Gestión e Innovación

Non-profit business association to enhance the global competitiveness of organisations and professionals, through the values of excellence, providing its partners with an infrastructure to share knowledge, develop competencies and give visibility to their levels of excellence.

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Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad

Non-profit business association that seeks to promote sustainability by sharing and disseminating good practices.

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Spanish issuers

Association representing more than 70% of the Spanish stock market and 75% of the IBEX 35 index for the promotion of measures that reinforce legal certainty in the issue of listed securities, participation in the development of a better national and European legal framework and the contribution to the development of high standards of corporate governance.

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Association of companies and professionals of corporate social responsibility / sustainability whose mission is to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects of the strategy and management of companies and organisations.

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Transparency International España Integrity Forum

Reflection platform facilitated by Transparency International España for the improvement of compliance and ethical management in Spanish companies, which is structured through different working groups and periodic thematic sessions on business ethics.

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Biodiversity Foundation

Foundation promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment that is formed by companies committed to sustainable development. Its objective is to position itself as a leader in responsible and innovative business management, committed to the integration of biodiversity conservation into its policies and strategies

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COTEC Foundation

Private non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote innovation as a driver of economic and social development. Its activity is mainly focused on serving as an observatory of R&D+i in Spain, and providing analysis and advice on innovation, technology and economics.

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Chile-España Foundation

Entity whose main objective is to increase the cultural, social, economic and artistic exchange between Chile and Spain. Red Eléctrica is part of the Board of Trustees.

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Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid

The main objective of the Energy Foundation is to encourage, promote and carry out initiatives and action programmes to investigate, study and support actions regarding the development and application of energy technologies, as well as expanding knowledge in this matter.

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Energy Without Borders Foundation

Foundation, whose mission is to extend and facilitate access to energy and drinkable water services, in a continuous fashion, to those who still do not have them or who receive them in non-suitable conditions.

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FEDEA Foundation

Foundation that aims to positively influence society, researching current economic and social issues and later disclosing that research. Bridging the gap between academia, society and public administrations to join efforts with a view to contributing to the progress of Spanish society.

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Lealtad Foundation

A pioneering non-profit organisation in Spain whose mission is to promote Spanish society’s confidence in NGOs.

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Perú-España Foundation

Foundation whose main job is to drive and develop activities that promote the image and presence of Peru in Spain, in the economic, business, cultural and artistic, social, scientific and educational fields; as well as to strengthen the links between institutions and people of both countries. Red Eléctrica is part of the Board of Trustees.

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Seres Foundation

Foundation whose mission is to promote the commitment of companies to the development of society. Red Eléctrica is part of the Board of Trustees.

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Victims of Terrorism Foundation

Entity whose objective is to promote democratic values, the defence of human rights and the freedom of citizens.

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Voluntare Foundation

A global corporate volunteering network that connects businesses with organisations in the third sector.

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FUNSEAM (Foundation for Energy and Environmental Sustainability)

Non-profit institution whose fundamental mission is to develop activities in the area of energy and environmental sustainability.

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Spanish Green Growth Group

The Spanish Green Growth Group is an Association created to promote public-private collaboration and jointly advance environmental challenges.

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Logo Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde
IC-A (Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores)

The IC-A is the Spanish association of Board Directors which offers support to Board Directors regarding the Governance and Strategic Management of companies or entities through the dissemination of relevant information and advice in decision-making.

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London Benchmarking Group (LBG)

Organisation made up of companies committed to promoting social action in business, using an internationally accepted methodology for the comparative assessment and measurement of commitment to society

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Real Instituto Elcano

Entity whose main task is to conduct international and strategic studies looking at the world from a Spanish, European and global perspective. Red Eléctrica is part of the Board of Trustees.

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Spanish Network of the Global Compact

Entity for the promotion of the implementation of the 10 Principles of the Global Compact. Red Eléctrica is a founding member of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact.

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