Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering

Since 2005, the promotion of corporate volunteering actions has been one of the Company’s cornerstones, the result of the firm commitment to improving society that has allowed us to channel the spirit of solidarity and address the social concerns of our employees.

In 2017, we designed a corporate volunteering model that seeks to respond to the socio-environmental needs and general interests of the territories in which are facilities are located, showcasing corporate values through the voluntary participation of employees. Based on this, corporate volunteering programmes must be aligned with the 2030 Sustainability Commitment taken on by the Company and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, meeting the needs of society.

In 2021 the model was updated. The corporate volunteering model has a strategic and transformational focus, so that the actions deployed aim, on the one hand, to channel internal talent to the corporate volunteering service and, on the other, to provide innovative solutions to social and environmental problems.

Main volunteering actions carried out in 2021:

Corporate volunteering
Activity Results
Experiment kit together with Escuelab

Promoting interest in science among disadvantaged groups with the creation of an Experiment Kit in conjunction with volunteers:

  • 53 participating employees and 95 children.
  • 72 experiment kits delivered.
  • Contribution to scholarships for socially excluded children.
Landing Aldeas Infantiles

Campaign to collect money (online donations) for the purchase of school materials for children at risk of social exclusion for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • 41 volunteers participated.
  • 1,110 euros raised.
Christmas activities with the Spanish Red Cross

Collection of books for families at risk of social exclusion.

  • 230 books collected.
‘Diario de un Naturalista’ Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello Canary Islands Foundation

Creation of a field notebook (entitled Diary of a Naturalist) by means of field trips that employees went on with their children during the holiday period or in their free time.

  • 28 volunteers participated with their children.
'Mass waste collection' challenge with HandsOn Spain

Waste collection by volunteers in any area close to their home. Volunteers received a collection kit and a set of scales to weigh the kilos of waste collected.

  • 50 volunteers participated with their families.
  • 293 kg of waste collected.
Seed awareness workshops with Globe Nature Medioambiente

Workshops that aim to promote knowledge of the natural processes of food production, with special emphasis on the necessary promotion of the consumption of locally produce foodstuffs, ecological production and concepts such as food safety.

  • 8 volunteers participated with their families, 20 people in total.