Commitment to society

Red Eléctrica focuses its socio-environmental commitment on the creation of shared value with society, promoting actions and investments aligned with its business objectives. At the same time, this commitment generates value for the Company while having a positive impact on the territory and its inhabitants. In turn, this represents a contribution of the Company to the achievement of various challenges such as those related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or those addressed in the European 2030 Energy Strategy.

Corporate volunteering

Since 2005, the promotion of corporate volunteering actions has been one of the Company’s cornerstones, the result of the firm commitment to improving society that has allowed us to channel the spirit of solidarity and address the social concerns of our employees.

During 2017, we have designed a new more ambitious corporate volunteering model that seeks to respond to the socio-environmental needs and general interests of the territories in which are facilities are located, showcasing corporate values through the voluntary participation of employees. Based on this, corporate volunteering programmes must be aligned with the 2030 Sustainability Commitment taken on by the Company and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, meeting the needs of society.

Main volunteering actions carried out:

Corporate volunteering
Activity Results
  • The Company has joined the COMPANIES4SDGs campaign aimed at promoting the knowledge and application of the Sustainable Development Goals in the business world. As part of this campaign, Red Eléctrica participates in multi-company volunteering activities aligned with the 17 SDGs.
Mentoring Programme
  • Red Eléctrica collaborates in the CAMPUS mentoring programme of the A LA PAR Foundation in which the volunteers act as mentors for students with intellectual disabilities. Throughout the academic year, young people receive training sessions accompanied and advised by their mentors to help them better integrate into the world of work.
Employment School
  • Volunteers from the Company participated in the ADECCO Foundation's Employment School programme that seeks to improve employability and inclusion into the day-to-day working environment, of high-potential people with disabilities.
Solidarity races
  • Collaboration in various races since 2013. Noteworthy was the Action Against Hunger ‘Challenge’ 2017 that aims to combat child malnutrition and eradicate hunger (SDG2). In this edition, employees and relatives, distributed across eight cities, ran a total of 3,000 km, which translates into a total of 30,000 days of therapeutic nutritional treatments for children from disadvantaged populations.
'A Smile for Christmas' Campaign
  • Participation for the second consecutive year in the solidarity campaign to collect toys ‘Una Sonrisa por Navidad’ organised by Cooperación Internacional, which aims to send a Christmas gift to thousands of children in situations of poverty and vulnerability. The generous response of employees from various territories has contributed to bringing smiles to the faces of many children nationwide through the collaboration of social entities.
‘Companies’ Solidarity Day’
  • Participation in the latest edition of this corporate volunteering day organised by Cooperación Internacional. Volunteers showing their high level of solidarity accompanied various vulnerable groups, spread across six cities nationwide, such as homeless, disabled or elderly, and engaged in leisure activities with children at risk of social exclusion.
Solidarity Auction
  • Raising funds to help children and youth with disabilities attended by the Apsuria Foundation.