Responsible business model

The Red Eléctrica Group understands sustainability as the Company's commitment to its long-term continuity and success through the creation of shared value for all its stakeholders when responsibly carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Sustainability principles

The Red Eléctrica Group’s commitment to long-term continuity and success is based not only on making its business activities compatible with environmental conservation but also by generating shared value by means of partnerships with its socio-economic environment.
This commitment is based on the ten principles shown below, defined in the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Policy, and which are set out four priorities identified as the key drivers that will help the Company respond to and maximise the opportunities that arise and address the upcoming challenges it faces.

Sustainability is based on the following principles...

  • 1Financial sustainability
  • 2Excellence and corporate responsibility
  • 3Innovation
  • 4Corporate governance and ethics
  • 5Transparency
  • 6Talent, diversity and equality
  • 7Partnerships with our stakeholder groups
  • 8Creation of shared value
  • 9Care for the natural environment
  • 10Respect for Human Rights