Responsible business model

The Red Eléctrica Group understands sustainability as the Company's commitment to its long-term continuity and success through the creation of shared value for all its stakeholders when responsibly carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Organisational structure

The 2030 Sustainability Commitment is driven by the management team of the Red Eléctrica Group, whose message is transmitted to the entire organisation and generates a proactive attitude that incorporates sustainability into the day-to-day decision-making.

In this regard, the Sustainability Steering Committee and the Sustainability and Innovation Area reinforce the implication of the highest decision-making levels. Similarly, the Company involves all areas of the organisation in the implementation, supervision and monitoring of the Sustainability Commitment.

Duties and responsibilities


Board of Directors

  • Approve the Corporate Responsibility Policy.


Appointments and Remuneration Committee

  • Propose and promote the Corporate Responsibility Policy.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Policy.
  • Periodically assess progress and results regarding the Sustainability Commitment.
  • Approve the annual Sustainability Report.

Monitoring and assessment

Sustainability Steering Committee

  • Propose the Group’s Sustainability Principles and Guidelines.
  • Guarantee the fulfilment of the targets and goals of the Sustainability Commitment.
  • Ensure the establishment of a management system and promote its efficient implementation.
  • Guarantee the analysis and assessment of the requirements of stakeholders within the Company’s strategies.
  • Promote internal awareness.


Sustainability and Innovation Area

  • Advise the Company on matters related to sustainability.
  • Define and design the activities and structural elements of the management model.
  • Design and monitor plans and programmes.
  • Ensure the development and ongoing improvement of the sustainability management systems, structures, plans and projects.


Organisational Areas

  • Carry out their activities and projects in accordance with the principles and guidelines set out in the Sustainability Commitment, ensuring the participation of all collaborators involved.
  • Participate in the implementation of the management model.