Red Eléctrica presents the finalist project from the second edition of the Grid2030 program


The second edition of the Grid2030 program closed last June with nine project proposals. The projects presented offered solutions to the two challenges of this edition: improved knowledge of the physical state of the power transmission infrastructures (challenge 3) and digital technologies and services for the energy transition (challenge 4).

During three months, more than twenty participating entities of this edition have worked hard in preparing their final proposals. The co-creation process was based on participation in two face-to-face workshops, apart from other multiple interactions; among themselves, with Red Eléctrica's mentors and with InnoEnergy's experts. As a result, nine proposals of great interest were presented. The proposals belonged to various fields, such as; automated grid inspection, infrastructure analysis through IoT (Internet of Things), demand response for grid ancillary services or use of Blockchain for Hourly Green Certificate Markets, among others.

One more year, the Program Committee has encountered a challenging evaluation process, given the quality and high interest of the proposals presented. The final decision was communicated last fall, with the presentation of the finalist project, ENIGMA - ELECTRIC GRID AI.

The project is led by three Spanish entities: Hi-Iberia, Software Development SME, Ingelectus, developer of new electrical technologies, and Prysma, a consulting firm specialized in technological development. ENIGMA's objective is to develop a tool that will help Red Eléctrica to define how these new agents like solar generation, wind turbines or massive storage elements will behave. This allows optimizing the frequency response of the system, since these new energy resources based on inverter technology offer the possibility of a wide range of behaviours.

ENIGMA was launched last January, after the kick-off meeting with the entire team at Red Eléctrica’s offices in Madrid. The duration of the project is two years, in which the project partners will work together with the experts of Red Eléctrica in the development of the above-mentioned solution.

Both, Red Eléctrica and ENIGMA's partners have shown their enthusiasm and urge to get started with the execution of the project and they expect that it will be a very enriching experience towards the goal of innovating and improving the electricity system in Spain.