Supplier development
The Red Eléctrica Group promotes the sustainable development of its supply chain as a fundamental part of the Group’s Sustainability Commitment.

‘Scoring RSC‘

The Company has an RSC scoring model to assess and evaluate its suppliers in terms of social responsibility, quantifying their relative ranking position based on the management that its suppliers perform in this field.

Depending on the result obtained, suppliers are classified as:

  • ‘A+’ or above average suppliers.
  • ‘A’ or suppliers that have an average score
  • ‘B’ or below average suppliers.

Red Eléctrica’s goal is to help suppliers that have a B classification reach an A+ classification. To this effect, the Company carries out periodic campaigns to foster the development of its suppliers in the field of sustainability.

Sustainable Development Guide for Suppliers

Red Eléctrica has drafted a guide to help develop and promote strategic sustainability principles among its suppliers and subcontractors. This guide, which is available to all suppliers, aims to be a tool that can help them incorporate sustainability aspects within the framework of their business management. The following are some of the aspects that are noteworthy:

  • The drafting of a Code of Ethics
  • The drafting of a Sustainability Policy
  • The promotion of respect for human rights throughout your organisation and your supply chain
  • The identification and management of your stakeholders
  • The drafting of a Sustainability Report

In addition, Red Eléctrica is conducting various campaigns to promote the development of sustainability principles among those suppliers who are not as mature in this field. These campaigns are monitored to analyse the degree of improvement and identify new initiatives that contribute to the ongoing promotion of sustainability principles throughout the supply chain.