If a Red Eléctrica supplier needs to subcontract a service, it must first undertake specific actions in order for the subcontracting to be approved.

In order to start the subcontracting management process, or to modify the data already entered in a process currently underway, the supplier shall use this questionnaire to provide essential information necessary to start the management process required for obtaining the subcontracting authorization. Once all the required documentation has been received and verified as correct, Red Eléctrica will authorize such subcontracting within a maximum period of two working days. Therefore, before starting the process, it is advisable that the supplier first properly understand which documents must be presented, as well as the timelines that may be needed to obtain said documents.

Once authorized, the contractor shall have to duly complete the following document whereby the subcontractor accepts the Contractor's Occupational Health and Safety Plan / Procedure (PDF, 1 page, 72 KB) only available in Spanish) and attach it to the Safety Plan of the company.

Improvements approved in order to favour the integration of social factors in the supply chain management and increase control in the subcontracting proces

The new requirements that will be required as part of subcontracting management process seek to ensure that the payment terms and conditions to subcontractors working for our suppliers are fully complied with and to provide the process with greater transparency.

In line with the integration of social factors into the decision-making process linked to the supply chain management, and in response to the demands and grievances of some of our subcontractors, Red Eléctrica is fostering and promoting actions that minimize the associated risks and that increase the transparency and objectivity of the process. To this end, prior to ruling on the authorization of a subcontracting request, the following new requirements and controls have been incorporated into the process:

  • Mandatory presentation of a document (up to now only of a declaratory nature) that proves and evidences that the terms and conditions of payment between contractors and subcontractors are in line with those legally established (maximum of 60 days after the end of the service or delivery of the good) will be mandatory.
  • A more detailed break-down of the activities for which the subcontracting is being requested will be required in order to increase the level of control of the work to be performed.

These measures are in line with the Company’s policy for the improvement of processes in terms of efficiency, sustainability and transparency regarding suppliers.