The Canary Islands, on the cutting edge of the energy transition

The Canary Islands, on the cutting edge of the energy transition

Red Eléctrica is a leader in the integration of renewables in island systems, one of the key aspects for the energy transition. The Company’s efforts in the islands will make it possible to connect and integrate the all of the renewable installations, which will enable the energy transition in the island systems, making it a benchmark in the world in the integration of renewable energies.


The Canary Islands, moving towards a sustainable energy model

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The electrical system of the Canary Islands has six small, electrically isolated systems that are weakly meshed and less stable and secure than the large interconnected systems. To reduce these vulnerabilities, it is vital to introduce energy storage systems, develop new interconnections between islands, and improve the meshing of the network.

The electrical system in the Canary Islands is evolving towards a more sustainable energy model, based on increasing the presence of renewable, native and CO2-free energies in the coverage of the electricity demands.

We invest in... enable the transition towards an energy model that

Important projects

C.H.R. Salto de Chira

C.H.R. Soria-Chira

Salto de Chira is a reversible hydroelectric plant that comprises an energy storage installation with two water reservoirs, at different elevations. A key infrastructure to continue progressing in the renewables-based energy model of the Canary Islands. See more

Wind Power Plan

Wind Power Plan

Actions from the tendering process to allow the feed-in of the wind power generation. Vital actions to provide connection points and feed-in capacity to future wind farms, in order to be able to connect these generation facilities to the existing transmission grid. See more

OSMOSE and flywheel

An R&D&I project based on different combination storages systems and FACTS devices to improve the integration of renewables and the security of the Fuerteventura-Lanzarote electrical system. See more

Improvement of Network Assets

Improvement of Network Assets (MAR, in Spanish) includes actions to improve and upgrade the electrical transport infrastructure of the Canary Islands to the quality standards of the rest of the installations, reducing interruptions of the service. See more

Storage, the instrument for the energy transition


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“Storage is one of the key elements in the energy transition, making it possible to achieve its goals with a more efficient, carbon-free, sustainable system”, Santiago Marín, Director of Development of the System


Storage is shaping up to be one of the key pieces in the energy transition, because of its contribution to electrification and consequent decarbonisation, and also because of its contribution to the management of the electrical system.

In the current context of the transition of the electrical system towards more complex and efficient models, new storage technologies make it possible to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the electrical system, helping to maintain the quality and security of the supply.



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