Study while you play with entreREDes

Red Eléctrica de España has created entreREDes, a digital game for students in second, third or fourth year of secondary school (ESO) that enables them to revise the contents of their school curriculum in a fun and interactive way, while at the same time learning how the Spanish electricity system works. The game provides three different playing modes which can be selected depending on the needs of the teacher and the students.

Players take a virtual tour of Spain travelling along the main power lines and substations of the electricity transmission grid, as they correctly answer specific questions on six different subjects: Geography and History; Mathematics; Spanish Language and Literature; the Electricity Sector, Leisure and Culture. In total there are more than 8,500 questions.

  • An efficient educational resource tool for the teacher to use in the classroom.
  • Revision tool for students to use at home.
  • Fun to share with family and friends.

Cover of the entreREDes Game

The game is only available in Spanish.

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