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In this section you can find all the press releases produced by the Press Office to inform the media on current activities of Red Eléctrica. These documents include, where necessary, links and attachments.


Red Eléctrica is taking part in different projects and causes to help mitigate the damage caused by the COVID-19 health crisis. All these initiatives are in line with our commitment to sustainability in relation to the development of our environment and its reality.
  • The initiative seeks to find solutions to combat the coronavirus crisis in rural Spain.
  • The El Hueco collective has organised this project with the support of the Red Eléctrica Group.
A pioneering initiative in Spain
  • This platform, a pioneering initiative in Spain, is intended to support start-ups in developing projects from the perspective of energy and in the fields of environmental sustainability, mobility, social impact, digitisation, telecommunications and 4.0
  • The initiative, promoted by Enagás, Red Eléctrica, CLH, Iberdrola, BP, EIT InnoEnergy and Acciona, is open for other companies and institutions to join.
It breaks records in March
A lot has changed since the early 1990s, when solar PV in Spain meant just 0.10 MW of its power generation capacity. Solar PV energy is now claiming its place in the Spanish mix with 8,871 MW of installed capacity.