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In this section you can find all the press releases produced by the Press Office to inform the media on current activities of Red Eléctrica. These documents include, where necessary, links and attachments.

29 July to 3 August

The team aims to improve on the third position obtained in the 2012 edition.
The X-35 class competition will be especially fierce as it is also the European Championship of the class.

Using smart meters equipped with hourly metering

The project that will culminate in 2015, will define household and small consumer demand patterns through hourly electricity metering. The data collected by the smart meters in this Perfila Project will allow greater precision for the purchase of electricity in the energy market. Similarly, this greater accuracy will result in a reduced need for adjustment services in the operation of the system.

In the El Rocinejo reservoir, Cadiz province

With these three new chicks, 14 Osprey (Sea Hawk) specimens have been born in Andalusia this year. This consolidates the success of the Osprey reintroduction programme, began in 2003, with a stable population that now exceeds twenty specimens. The nest is located on a specific platform installed by Red Eléctrica de España in an electricity tower, located at the tail end of the reservoir.


Supergrids, net metering, smart meters, high-capacity batteries and the electric vehicle open the door to a new outlook regarding energy.

Through a collaboration agreement between Red Eléctrica and the Fundación Migres

The project, with an investment of €1.6 million, includes the collaboration of Red Eléctrica de España, the Ministry of Defence, the Junta de Andalucía (Government of Andalusia), the Tarifa Council and the Janda Coast Rural Development Group. The new Research Center on Migration and Global Climate Change will be dedicated to scientific matters, the application of environmental solutions and advanced training, and will have at its disposal an observatory and areas available for the interpretation of migratory phenomena and exhibitions.

Red Eléctrica will submit proposals for the Royal Decree setting the remuneration for electricity transmission starting in 2015

Red Eléctrica de España will submit proposals in coming days for the draft Royal Decree setting the remuneration for electricity transmission starting in 2015. The text was forwarded on Monday to the National Energy Commission, and a period during which sector stakeholders will be able to submit comments was initiated. The aim of REE's proposals is to present alternatives for improving the text that regulates electricity transmission in Spain, within a framework of an open, broad-based process of dialogue and discussion.