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In this section you can find all the press releases produced by the Press Office to inform the media on current activities of Red Eléctrica. These documents include, where necessary, links and attachments.

Red Eléctrica publishes figures for the Spanish electricity system 2011
More than half the electricity produced without CO2 emissions
This link will represent the unification of the entire Balearic Island electricity system
A gallery of 40 metres has already been dug on the Spanish side

The tunnel boring machine that will excavate the tunnel for the electricity interconnection between Spain and France has been built. The machine, which has been christened with the name Alberes and that has been manufactured in Germany, will be transported to Spain over the next few months to begin boring the tunnel in the spring of 2012.

One of the world's leading specialists in electric vehicle
At 2 am on 6 November, 60% of the demand was covered by wind power, a historic challenge for REE

In Brussels today, the Renewables Grid Initiative, a coalition of Europe's largest grid operators, amongst which Red Eléctrica is included, and the continent's most representative environmental organisations, have presented to the European Energy Commissioner, Günther H. Oettinger, a declaration by which they uphold that both the nature conservation efforts and the development of electricity systems that allow a greater integration of renewable energies "should go hand in hand".