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In this section you can find all the press releases produced by the Press Office to inform the media on current activities of Red Eléctrica. These documents include, where necessary, links and attachments.

  • This new company is included within the framework of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan of the Red Eléctrica Group and over the next five years has an investment programme totalling 100 million euros, of which 17 million correspond to 2019.

  • The technology company will take advantage of the potential of the main technology verticals to promote innovation in two strategic areas: electricity and telecommunications.

  • The Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica Corporación, who met today in an extraordinary session, has agreed to appoint Roberto García Merino as the new CEO of the Group, after a favourable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee. This appointment has been communicated to the CNMV (Spanish Securities Market Commission) as a relevant event.
Measures for the Energy Transition
  • This price will be applied to those consumers who have a Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC in Spanish) electricity supply contract in place with an reference retailer and who are covered by the simplified mechanism for the compensation of self-produced surplus energy.
  • This is one of the measures approved by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition to promote self-consumption of renewable generation through a distributed generation model.
  • Wind energy generation was the leading technology for monthly electricity production on the Spanish peninsula, representing 24.8% of total electricity production.
  • 41.9% of the peninsular generation in April came from renewable energy sources and 67.3% produced zero CO2 emissions.
Up 1% on the same period of 2018
  • Revenue for the Group amounted to 499.7 million euros.
  • On 17 April 2019, the Council of Ministers authorised Red Eléctrica Sistemas de Telecomunicación, S.A.U., a company owned 100% by the Red Eléctrica Group, to acquire all shares owned by Abertis Telecom Satélites, S.A.U. in the company called Hispasat S.A.
In Majorca
  • 60% of the total area included in the project will have been replanted by the end of May.
  • Red Eléctrica's initiative includes the restoration of two hectares of Posidonia seagrass meadow in Punta l'Avançada in Port de Pollença under the scientific supervision of IMEDEA.
  • Focused on the collection of solid waste at sea and the promotion of local fish consumption
  • Red Eléctrica’s Control Centre for the Electric Vehicle (CECOVEL) will monitor the charging points installed by the regional government of the Balearic Islands.

New addition to the Company's management team
  • Concepción Ordiz will take up the post of Deputy Secretary of the Board
During the Meeting entitled ‘+Renewables: Smart grids and digitalisation for the energy of the future’
  • The Chairman of the Red Eléctrica Group is committed to reducing the duration of the transmission grid development planning process, making the permitting process for grid facilities more flexible and shorter, and completing the modification of the regulation that governs grid access and connection.
  • The energy transition will require greater investments in international interconnections, energy storage and technology in order to provide the transmission grid and the electricity system with greater operational intelligence and reliability.