Red Eléctrica inaugurates the Cerdà sub-station, essential for the energy transformation of the Port of Barcelona
  • The new infrastructure will supply electricity to the Marina neighbourhood (L’Hospitalet), the Zona Franca, and the airport.
  • Red Eléctrica has invested 36 million euros in this sub-station and the lines that connect it, key infrastructure for driving Barcelona's ecological transition and its economic and industrial development

Red Eléctrica, Redeia's subsidiary responsible for the transmission and operation of the electrical system in Spain, has commissioned the new Cerdà 220 kV sub-station. The purpose of this sub-station is to promote the energy transition, revitalise the economy, and provide electricity to the industry in the region.

As the new sub-station is located in the Zona Franca, it has become essential to support the energy transformation projects of the Port of Barcelona. Also, to meet the new supplies for the Marina neighbourhood, new consumption in the Zona Franca, and the needs of Barcelona airport.

The Cerdà sub-station is fed by three new lines: Cerdà-Hospitalet, Cerdà-Airport, and Cerdà Zona Franca, the construction of which was completed in December. Overall, the project has involved a total investment of 36 million euros and has been executed within a time frame of 14 months.

All these infrastructures are included in the Electricity Transmission Grid Planning 2021-2026, approved by agreement of the Council of Ministers on 22 March 2022. The goal of these initiatives is to improve the supply in the territory, boost the economy, and progress in the energy transition process.