Spain registered the best January in its history in terms of renewable and clean energy generation

Spain has registered the best January in its history in terms of renewable energy thanks to the progress made in the green transition in Spain and the favourable weather conditions nationwide that have enabled the month of January to break all-time records for green and clean energy production.

“Full speed ahead and smooth sailing”. This is how the green transition is progressing in Spain, judging by the data from the first month of this year: electricity production from renewable energy sources has reached a new all-time record of 13,742 GWh (57.4% of the generation mix nationwide).

The continued efforts to commission new MW of renewable generation capacity, mainly wind and solar photovoltaic, which make it possible for Spain to maximise its available wind and solar energy potential, have boosted the production of both renewable energy and zero-carbon energy technologies. As a result, clean technologies in January set a new monthly all-record production of 18,827 GWh, accounting for more than 80% of total generation in Spain, and reaching levels of up to 90.7% during some hours of the month.

Thus, January recorded 25 consecutive days in which, comparatively speaking, there was more renewable than non-renewable energy generated, with the 27th being the day that registered the highest level of green energy production (587 GWh, 64.9% of the total) and also the day with the highest amount of energy obtained using zero-carbon energy technologies, with 757 GWh generated (84.7% of the total).

Wind power, the undisputed protagonist

The favourable weather conditions registered in January this year, according to provisional data available at the time of this press release, contributed to making wind power the leading source of electricity production with an overall share of 31.5% of the monthly generation mix. This technology has increased its monthly production by 39% compared to January 2022 and reached 7,537 GWh.

For more than half the days of the month, wind power technology was the leading source of energy in January in Spain, and, actually, it was responsible for more than 50% of the daily generation mix on specific two days, reaching a new all-time high on 8 January with a share of 53.1% of the generation mix.