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New instantaneous wind power production records, hourly and daily

Wind power production reached almost 15,000 MW in the early hours of yesterday afternoon

Yesterday wind power production reached 14,962 megawatts (MW) at 2.46 pm, an increase of 13.5% with respect to the previous record set the day before, 8 November, with 13,177 MW at 1.29 pm.

Similarly, a new maximum of hourly production was recorded yesterday, with 14,752 MWh between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm. This new record represents an increase of 13.5% with respect to the maximum also registered this Monday, 8 November, with 12,995 MWh, between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm. Additionally, yesterday the maximum of daily wind power energy was also set, reaching 315,258 MWh, 13.2% higher than the previous record of 278,507 MWh, registered on 4 May this year.

Yesterday, at 2.46 pm, the moment of maximum wind power production, and in order to integrate into the grid all the generated wind energy, 1,498 MW was exported and pumped storage consumption was activated, with this system absorbing 1,951 MW. This data shows the importance of being able to count upon robust international interconnections and the need to increase pumped storage power stations, thereby contributing to the safe integration of wind power energy.

Generation mix at 2.46 pm 9 November 2010

On Tuesday 9 November between 3.39 am and 5.41 am, hours of less demand, the Centre for the Control of Renewable Energies (CECRE) had to issue orders to reduce wind power production, a measure adopted so as to guarantee the security of the system.