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First month with a positive value since October 2008

Demand for electrical energy in January grew 0.2%

Wind power energy again beats records

The demand for electrical energy on the Spanish peninsula was 23,644 GWh in the month of January representing an increase of 0.2% with respect to the same month last year.

This is the first time, since October 2008, that the consumption of electricity grows. Factoring in the effects of seasonal and working patterns, the adjusted demand grew, for a second consecutive month, by 0.7% on this occasion.

Evolution of demand growth

Blue line: Demand.
Red line: Adjusted demand.

39% of electricity produced came from renewable sources
The production of wind power energy during the month represented 16.3% of the total production which meant that there was a 21.5% growth with respect to January last year. This production, together with hydroelectric and solar production, means that 39% of the total production came from renewable sources, compared to 23% in the same period in 2009.

Regarding the behaviour of wind power energy, noteworthy are the new historic maximums for production. At 1:33 am on 14 January, an instantaneous power of 11,693 MW was registered, representing 42% of the electricity demand on the Spanish peninsula at that moment, and 11,548 MWh of hourly wind power production between 1:00 am and 2:00 am.

Demand coverage for January