Would you like to enjoy some of the games and interactive exhibits of the exhibition without leaving your home? Now you can!

If you liked the games and want to discover a whole lot more, visit the exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket’ and do not miss out on all the surprises we have in store for you (more interactive games, videos ...).

Picture of the new Controla Game


As an operator of the Spanish electrical system, your mission will be to guarantee the supply, controlling the demand and the energy production so that they are always in balance.

Access this link to know more about the new Controla game.

Picture of the game 'Study while you play with entreREDes'

Study while you play with entreREDes

We have created entreREDes, a digital game for students in second, third or fourth year of secondary school (ESO) that enables them to revise the contents of their school curriculum in a fun and interactive way, while at the same time learning how the Spanish electricity system works.

Picture of the virtual tour of the Spain-France electricity interconnection (INELFE)

Virtual tour of the Spain-France electricity interconnection (INELFE)

The new interconnection is closer thanks to this interactive exhibit. This is an intuitive display that allows users to discover all the details of the new electricity infrastructure, from its economic and strategic importance to the technical details or the mitigating measures undertaken to protect the environment.

Picture of the game 'How we consume electricity'

How we consume electricity

We offer you the opportunity to discover more about our consumption habits and suggest some good ideas for you on how to consume responsibly. Access our interactive websites (available only in Spanish).

Picture of the CECOEL virtual tour

Cecoel virtual tour

The Electricity Control Centre (Cecoel) is responsible for the coordinated real-time operation and supervision of the generation and transmission facilities of the Spanish electricity system.

Cecoel therefore issues the operational instructions of the production and transmission system with the aim of guaranteeing the security and quality of the electricity supply.

This tour contains 360º images of the facilities, videos of its activity and graphics of the screens that make up the control centre (available only in Spanish).