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The exhibition has three sections where a journey is taken from the physical principles of electricity to the role of the citizen as protagonist in the electricity supply process.


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Section 1

Electricity, the force of nature tamed

Picture of the fist section of the exhibition, dedicated to electricity

The first section of the exhibition is dedicated to the physical principles of electricity, to the thousand and one faces of this phenomenon: its properties, its origin and its applications.

It has a laboratory for experiments that invites you to discover the different ways in which this physical phenomenon is manifested, such as the electric arc, the plasma sphere or the Tesla coil.

In this section you will find:

  1. The electricity laboratory
Section 2

From the power station to your home

Picture of the second section of the exhibition, dedicated to the electricity supply process

The second section explains the electricity supply process: the challenge of maintaining the balance between generation and consumption. How is electricity generated? How does it travel along electricity networks? How does it reach our homes? In other words, it explains what the electricity system is and how it works.

Electricity is not always generated close to the location where it is needed, so it is essential to transport it over long distances at high voltage. The exhibition aims to improve society’s understanding of the need to develop the transmission grid and build interconnections as well as promote social acceptance of these infrastructures.

In this section Red Eléctrica’s commitment to the natural environment, the conservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change is also reflected through examples of how electricity facilities and infrastructure are made compatible with the landscape and by implementing preventive and corrective measures to minimise potential environmental effects.

In this section you will find:

  1. Where does electricity come from?
  2. Electricity production centres
  3. Transmission grid
  4. A meshed grid
  5. Prepared for emergency situations
  6. The challenge of maintaining the balance
  7. Integration of renewables
  8. Red Eléctrica in your Autonomous Community
  9. Scale layout of the electricity system
  10. Interconnections between islands
  11. Our commitment to the territory
  12. The Spain-France Interconnection
  13. International Interconnections
  14. Interconnections Game
  15. ‘Connect and Respect’ Game
  16. Birds and electricity lines
  17. Committed to biodiversity
  18. The Red Eléctrica Forest
  19. R&D+i
Section 3

From your side of the wall socket… responsible consumption

Picture of the third section of the exhibition, dedicated to electrical consumption

In the third section, the visitor, as a citizen and as a consumer, becomes the protagonist. Through various interactive exhibits you can find out how our society consumes electricity and the effect our consumption habits have on the electricity system as a whole.

In this section you will find:

  1. The electric car
  2. How do we consume?
  3. Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC)
  4. At home
  5. And you ... how do you consume?
Stay connected
Picture of the fourth section of the exhibition, with more information

In this section you can find various publications, as well as support information to complement this exhibition.

  1. About us
  2. Electricity components and materials
  3. A socially responsible exhibition
  4. Photo booth
  5. Tweetwall

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