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From the moment that it bought the transmission infrastructure in the Canary Islands at the end of 2010, Red Eléctrica embarked on an ambitious plan to update and improve it, known as Project MAR (Improvement of Network Assets).
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Red Eléctrica collaborates on this project that seeks to better understand this amazing species and establish standards and guidelines regarding the conservation of grand eagles.
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This underground electrical interconnection is a pioneering project, the first of its class in the world, that will double the electricity exchange capacity between France and Spain, leading to greater security and stability in the two electricity systems.
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International electricity interconnections are the set of lines and substations that allow the exchange of energy between neighbouring countries and generate a number of advantages in connected countries.
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The posidonia oceanica meadows are seagrass colonies of great importance to biodiversity due to their rich flora and fauna. They are listed as a protected species of flora and a priority habitat for conservation within the European Union.
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In 2002, the Council of Environment together with other organizations, launched a reintroduction project for the osprey. For over a decade, they have been reintroduced in total about 200 chickens from Finland, Scotland and Germany.
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The Golden Eagle is one of the most endangered species of Galicia, there are signs that point to a historical regression. Therefore, for many years Red Eléctrica, along with the Regional Ministry of Rural Affairs of the Government of Galicia, has been participating on a project to boost the population of this species in collaboration with GREFA.
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On January 29th, 1985, Red Eléctrica de España was born - the first company in the world exclusively involved in electricity system operation and transport.
Video "The black vulture reintroduction project in Catalonia"
Red Eléctrica is collaborating in an inspiring project to reintroduce the black vulture in the Pyrenees, where the species is attempting to re-establish its former area of distribution. A new colony has now settled midway between black vulture populations in France and the Iberian Peninsula.
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Red Eléctrica collaborates on this project supporting the organisations and people involved, who work tirelessly in an attempt to see this species flying over our countryside again. We want to help change their chances of survival.