Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Our engagement

The Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica Corporación is fully committed to the implementation and improvement of good corporate governance within the organisation.

The adoption of international best practices and recommendations, and the ongoing monitoring of their effective implementation are core responsibilities for our Board and its Committees.

We firmly believe that progress in the field of corporate governance is a key objective to strengthen ties between the Company and its shareholders, through ongoing dialogue and engagement, in benefit of all.

Corporate Governance Policy

This Policy summarises the catalogue of principles that evidence not only the Group’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations but also its alignment with the latest national and international corporate governance recommendations and best practices, which Red Eléctrica has been adopting voluntarily since it was first listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange. These principles are incorporated with the firm commitment that they remain and be observed in the organisation in the long term, given that, without prejudice to the fact that they shall be continually updated and will include any commitments undertaken in the future, they form the corporate governance culture of Red Eléctrica.