Criminal Risk Prevention
Red Eléctrica Group’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, of as part of its conduct guidelines and rules for action binding all Group members in any professional field where they represent the company, includes a commitment to comply with all aspects of the law, extending it whenever the work or activity entrusted is carried out by third parties.

The Red Eléctrica Group has a Corporate Crime Prevention System in place, which constitutes the model for the prevention, supervision and control of criminal risks of the Red Eléctrica Group.

The Corporate Crime Prevention System is aligned with the ethical and compliance culture established by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Red Eléctrica Group and any additional compliance regulations that contribute to its implementation, monitoring and enforcement. It is a true and fair view of the commitment of the Red Eléctrica Group and of those responsible hereto for due diligence for the prevention of potential criminal risks.

The Criminal Prevention System is updated periodically in order to meet any needs that may arise, in accordance with the structure and activities of the Red Eléctrica Group, and the requirements of the applicable regulations with criminal relevance.

The Board of Directors, in its capacity as the highest body responsible for risk management of the Red Eléctrica Group, in accordance with applicable regulations and, specifically, with the provisions of article 31 bis of the Criminal Code, has designated the Crime Prevention Committee as the specific control body of the Criminal Prevention System of the Red Eléctrica Group, with the aim of ensuring that the main criminal risks are properly identified, managed and reported internally.

Following best practices in compliance, Red Eléctrica has obtained the UNE 19601 "Criminal Compliance Management Systems" certification, which establishes the requirements to prevent, detect and manage criminal risks, complying with legislation and other commitments voluntarily acquired by the organisation.