Voting via remote means
General Shareholders' Meeting

How can I exercise my right to an electronic vote?

  1. You need a current electronic certificate issued by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT-RCM), or an electronic DNI (Spanish National Identity card).
  2. If you do not already have this certificate, request one via the FNMT website
  3. Access the electronic voting system
  4. Prior to voting, check the conditions of use established in the voting system. Votes cast electronically must be cast after zero (00:00) hours on 28 April 2020 and must be received by the company before twenty-four (24:00) hours on the day immediately prior to the date set for the holding of the General Meeting of Shareholders on first call, that is, before twenty-four (24:00) hours on 12 May 2020. Votes received outside the indicated time limits will be taken not to have been cast.
  5. In addition you will find technical assistance in the section relating to electronic voting should you have any doubts regarding a request to vote by proxy, electronic voting or information.

If this method is used for voting, you may ask for documentation which are given to Shareholders at the General Shareholders' meeting by presenting the voting slip at our Shareholders' Office, or by telephoning +34 900 100 182, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, or by sending an email to:

In view of the circumstances arising from the state of alarm declared in Spain by Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March, in relation to the health crisis arising from COVID-19, exceptionally for this General Meeting of Shareholders, digital copies of the attendance cards sent to the Company through the Shareholder Attention Office and duly completed and signed by the shareholders or their representatives will be admitted. For these purposes, the Company shall consider valid these digital copies provided that it has no reasonable doubt as to the identity of the subject exercising the voting right, after making the appropriate verifications. However, if before the date scheduled for the General Meeting of Shareholders it is legally and operationally possible, please send the originals of your attendance cards to the Company's registered office, located at Pº del Conde de los Gaitanes, 177, postal code 28109 Alcobendas, Madrid.


Access the electronic voting system (only available in Spanish).