Annual report 2015

Corporate Responsibility Report


Dialogue with stakeholders

Shareholders and investors

Red Eléctrica maintains a solid commitment to dialogue with its stakeholders, facilitating them with the relevant corporate data to meet the information needs of shareholders and investors at each moment. This communication is transparent and fluid, which is key to achieving a trust relationship with them.

In 2015, 542 meetings were held with investors: 510 for variable income, 11 for fixed income and 21 for corporate governance. For yet another year, the Company has turned to major financial forums in the domestic markets of Europe, the United States and Australia, thus responding to our policy regarding communication and transparency.

In our effort to improve communication with shareholders and investors noteworthy is the role of the corporate website, which presents the information that most interests the investor world. The website includes socially responsible investor section, a specific section which aims to provide all the relevant information about the Company that allows the investor to gain an understanding of the ethical, social and environmental elements necessary when making investment decisions, said information is provided as a complement to traditional economic and financial criteria.



11 - Fixed income


Within the scope of the Shareholders‘ Meeting, in line with previous years, and with the goal of increasing the chances of participation of shareholders at the Meeting, the Company broadcasted live, for yet another year, not only the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting but also the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on the occasion of the process for the separation of the positions of the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company.

Furthermore, the Company has also continued to expand the functionalities of the system for voting on proposed resolutions by electronic means, as well as those of the electronic shareholder forum. Noteworthy in 2015 was the great effort made in communication in both events, and the high participation of shareholders in both Meetings.


Main indicators
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Shareholders’ office (visits managed) 1,495 1,259 1,078 1,105 1,284
Shareholder electronic forum – via phone and email (consultations managed) 1,067 1,031 1,003 1,008 1,118
Meetings with analysts and institutional investors 346 581 712 555 542