redOS, the 'app' of the system operator

redOS, the 'app' of the system operator

Since November 2020, Red Eléctrica de España has offered the most relevant information on the Spanish electricity system via redOS, an application launched by the Company for mobile devices for iOS and Android through which the user can learn all about how the ecological transition is moving forward.

This new app, which replaces and is an evolution of the previous SmartVIu app, has added new functionalities and expanded the range of content designed for both experts in the sector and for society in general.

Get to know the electricity system from the inside

With redOS, users can consult the demand curve in real time from any place and at any time, both for the Spanish system as a whole and for each of the electricity systems that comprise it. Users can also see the composition of the generation mix and the contribution of both renewable generation and electricity generated using technologies which produce zero CO2-equivalent emissions, one of the main indicators that showcase the evolution of the ecological transition in Spain and the progress being made towards achieving the full decarbonisation targets set by the European Union for 2050.

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Additionally, redOS provides information on the electricity system’s installed power capacity by autonomous community and also the monthly and annual cumulative totals of the contribution of the different technologies to the generation mix, broken down by region; the energy exchange programme of international cross-border connections; the wholesale prices resulting from the Spanish day-ahead market and other European balancing markets, as well as the retail price applied to consumers subscribed to the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC) scheme and the price for the surplus energy of self-consumption consumers.

An app designed for everyone that is both customisable and versatile

One of the main new features of redOS is its segmentation into two profiles: one for professionals in the sector, which offers more technical information on the operation of the electricity system; and another aimed at consumers, in which ease of use and accessibility to the data is paramount, in order to place the user at the centre of the ecological transition.

Users can configure the redOS home screen to sort the contents according to the information that is most relevant to them, as well as being able to configure various customisable alerts. All content provided by redOS can be shared with other users via social networks, email or instant messaging systems.

A new relationship between the system operator and the consumer

Aware that the new participatory role of the consumer is of vital importance in the fight against climate change and to address the challenges of the ecological transition, Red Eléctrica de España has established, through redOS, a direct communication channel with consumers via push notifications through which it can make recommendations to redOS users on how to consume electricity more efficiently and responsibly.

At the same time, the user will also be able to make suggestions for improvements to the software through a direct contact channel enabled specifically for this purpose.

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