Demand management
At each instant our society demands electricity to produce goods in factories, carry out business and commercial activity and to respond to the needs of each household.

Challenges in energy afficiency and demand-side management solutionsThroughout the day changes occur in the demand curve: at the start of the working day, the closure of businesses at lunch time or people increasing consumption at home in the evenings are only some of the examples that explain why the demand curve is not uniform during the different hours of the day. There are, however, certain consumption patterns that help Red Eléctrica in their demand forecasts. You will find more information about our habits in the section ‘Our consumption habits”.

Within this context, demand-side management is the planning and implementation of different measures destined to influence the way energy is consumed so that a change occurs in the daily energy consumption patterns. These measures contribute to a more efficient and sustainable management of the electricity system. These measures are classified in four major groups depending on the type of impact they have on the demand curve.