Grid planning and development

Red Eléctrica, as the sole transmission agent and system operator, is responsible for the development of secure, efficient and sustainable transmission grid.

To this effect, the 2015-2020 Electricity Transmission Grid Planning, drafted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, is binding on Red Eléctrica once it is approved by the Government after being submitted to the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament. The planning describes in detail the new electricity infrastructure projects that must be undertaken throughout the national territory, under the principles of transparency and minimum cost for the electricity system as a whole.

Cornerstones of the Transmission Grid Planning 2015-2020. Security of supply, Economic efficiency and Environmental sustainability.

These infrastructures are essential both to reinforce the quality and security of supply and to provide the electricity markets of a more efficient and competitive scheme.

Key Actions

  • Increased security of supply by strengthening the transmission grid.
  • Development and construction of connections with the non-peninsular systems and between islands.
  • Development and construction of international interconnections.
  • Improved integration of generation, particularly renewable energies.
  • Powering of new supply lines for the High-Speed Train.
  • Support for the electricity distribution network and for new demand for large consumers, mainly industrial.


2015-2020 Planning by Autonomous Community (only available in Spanish)

Access to information on Energy Planning. Development of transmission grids published on the website of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.