Singular features of the Canary system

Singular features of the Canary system

The electric power system of the Canary Islands is made up of six small-sized electrically isolated systems and a network of electricity infrastructure that is weakly meshed.

Canary Islands Control Center

These conditions make these systems less stable and secure than large interconnected systems in which it is possible to guarantee supply at times when peaks in demand occur or when faced with certain situations in which there is a lack of generation, such as the lack of wind required for wind power production or failures and unavailability of grid elements.

To reduce the vulnerability of these electrically isolated systems it is key to incorporate energy storage systems, such as pumped-storage hydropower plant, whose main purpose is security of supply and system security and facilitates the integration of non-manageable renewable generation. Similarly, it is essential to develop new interconnections between islands that allow mutual support between systems and help improve the meshing of the grid in order to have alternative supply paths in case of incidents.

Investments that will drive change in the current energy model

The Canary Island’s electric power system is evolving towards a new energy model, based on renewable energies, that is more efficient and sustainable. The aim is that these locally-available renewable energy technologies, which produce zero CO2 emissions, achieve a greater presence in the coverage of the Islands’ electricity demand and replace other energy technologies based on more expensive and polluting fossil fuels.

To contribute to this progressive change in the energy model, Red Eléctrica is carrying out a major investment plan in order to ensure a more secure, efficient and sustainable electricity supply.

Currently Red Eléctrica is carrying out projects as the Salto de Chira, the first major energy storage system in the Canary Islands and the new submarine link that will interconnect the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.