Canary electricity demand in real-time

Canary electricity demand in real-time

Red Eléctrica provides real-time graphics of the electricity demand curves occurring in the electricity system on the Canary Islands. Together with the curves, also shown is the information regarding the production technologies or generating components required to meet the demand, including the electrical energy transported from the Spanish mainland.

La PalmaLa GomeraEl HierroGran CanariaTenerifeLanzaroteFuerteventuraSistema Lanzarote-Fuerteventura

Click on each system to see its corresponding demand curve and click on this link to see the Canary Islands curve.

Red Eléctrica provides graphs that show the electric energy demand curve in real time for each of the seven islands that make up the Canary islands' electricity system, two of which - Lanzarote and Fuerteventura - are interconnected by a submarine link. Data regarding programmed generation, actual and forecasted demand is updated every five minutes, and the graph also shows the values of the maximum and minimum daily demand.

Together with the curves, information is shown regarding the various generation technologies that are available to meet this demand and the CO2 emissions associated with the complete set of thermal generation facilities 

  • Actual demand (yellow curve) reflects the instantaneous value of the electric energy demand.
  • The forecasted demand (green curve) is calculated by Red Eléctrica based on the consumption values in similar previous periods, correcting a number of factors influencing consumption such as working patterns, climate and economic activity.
  • The operational schedule (red stepped line) is the programmed production for the generation facilities which, based on an economic order of merit established by the regulator, is drawn up daily by Red Eléctrica depending on the evolution of the demand.
  • Also shown is an estimate of the total CO2 emissions produced by the complete set of generation facilities on the Canary Islands. Additionally, by clicking on an energy source, the graph below the generation structure shows its contribution throughout the day as well as its associated equivalent CO2 emissions, expressed in t CO2 eq / MWh. In order to calculate the emission factors of each technology and electricity system, we use different sources depending on the best availability of information.