Singular features of the Balearic system
Until the electricity interconnection between the Spanish peninsula and the Balearic Islands was put into service, the Balearic Islands electricity system was comprised of two smaller-sized subsystems which were electrically isolated, Majorca-Menorca and Ibiza-Formentera, which made it difficult to achieve similar stability and service quality indexes as those systems which are larger and interconnected.

Balearic Islands' electricity system
For this reason, Red Eléctrica undertook this electricity interconnection project to provide a link with the transmission grid on the Spanish peninsula. This interconnection, in addition to representing a complementary option to the construction of new power stations on the Balearic Islands, will also allow competition in the Islands’ generation market to be increased, with the consequent improvement in energy efficiency and sustainability of the Balearic Islands’ electricity system.

In 2016 the two electricity subsystems of the Balearic Islands are finally connected by the Majorca-Ibiza double electricity link. At the time of its commissioning, this interconnection link is the longest and deepest submarine link in alternating current of its kind in the world, as the submarine cable rests on the seafloor at depths of ​​up to 800 metres. The Majorca-Ibiza submarine interconnection also provides advantages of an environmental nature and also cost savings for the electricity system as a whole. Although this is the major development project in the Balearic Islands, there are other interconnection projects between islands that will connect Majorca to Menorca and Ibiza to Formentera.