Real-time electricity demand in the Balearic Islands

Real-time electricity demand in the Balearic Islands

Red Eléctrica provides real-time graphics of the electricity demand curves occurring in the electricity system on the Balearic Islands. Together with the curves, also shown is the information regarding the production technologies or generating components required to meet the demand, including the electrical energy transported from the Spanish mainland.

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Balearec island map

Click on the graph of the Balearic Island’s system to consult the overall demand of the islands as a whole, and on any island to consult the specific demand for the island selected.

The graphics incorporate and display data every five minutes of the actual, scheduled and programmed demand, as well as the maximum and minimum values of the actual daily demand.

  • Actual demand (yellow curve) reflects the instantaneous value of the electricity demand. The development of the curve reflects the peculiarities of the seasonal and working patterns, as well as the activity and essential way of life of the islands.
  • Forecasted demand (green curve) is calculated by Red Eléctrica based on the consumption values in similar previous periods, correcting it by factoring in a number of factors influencing consumption such as working patterns, climate and economic activity.
  • In the Balearic Islands, where there is no electricity market, the operating scheduled (stepped red line) is configured via a technical and economic dispatch of generation that is the responsibility of Red Eléctrica.

Additionally, Red Eléctrica represents the actual daily demand in real time (yellow curve) of each of the islands of the Balearic archipelago. All demand curve graphics also provide information on the different production technologies or generating components necessary to meet demand and also the total equivalent CO2 (expressed in t CO2 eq / MWh) emissions produced by the complete set of generation facilities of the Balearic Islands and the breakdown by energy sources.

In order to calculate the emission factors of each technology and electricity system, we use different sources depending on the best availability of information.