Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Red Eléctrica is the sole transmission agent and operator (TSO) of the Spanish electricity system. It carries out this mission under the principles of transparency, objectivity, independence and economic efficiency while maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable development.

The mission of Red Eléctrica is to guarantee the correct functioning of the electricity system and to ensure the continuity and security of the electricity supply at all times. To that end, we supervise and coordinate the generation-transmission system and manage the development of the transmission grid.

Red Eléctrica's vision is to be a leading company in high-voltage transmission and in the operation of electricity grids, recognised at a global level for offering a service of the highest quality, for its ethical and responsible management and doing so by maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable development and creating value for all stakeholders.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct, a commitment by all of us

Red Eléctrica, company of Redeia, adopts the commitment to carry out its activities in accordance with principles and actions that respect the environment, people and the organisation, that ensure responsible business and long-term sustainability for the company and its activities.

Redeia has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that provides the reference framework to ensure responsible management and the ethical conduct of the members of the organisation in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The Code contains the corporate values and business conduct guidelines to be followed, formulated through principles and commitments, and constitutes a firm commitment by the Company to ethical and transparent management as the engine to consolidate its image and achieve an enhanced reputation. In accordance with the commitments contained within its Code of Ethics and Conduct, Redeia has an Ethics and Compliance Channel to make any enquiries or report any breach of the Code.

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