Electricity business in Spain

Electricity business in Spain

Red Eléctrica is the company responsible for carrying out the Redeia’s core activity by performing the functions of sole transmission agent and operator of the Spanish electricity system (TSO). Its mission is to guarantee at all times the security and continuity of the electricity supply and to manage the transmission of energy in high voltage.

As electricity system operator, Red Eléctrica carries out its operational functions through its electricity control centres in order to guarantee at all times the correct functioning of the electricity supply process, both in the peninsular electricity system and in the non-peninsular electricity systems.

Red Eléctrica, in its role as manager of the high voltage transmission grid, is responsible for the transmission of electrical energy from the generating power stations to the consumption areas. It does this by means of a wholly-owned transmission grid, which it develops, expands and maintains under homogenous and efficient criteria. Additionally, it is also responsible for managing the flow of energy between external systems and guaranteeing third party access to the grid under equal conditions.

Electricity transmission activity

Electricity transmission activity
1.- Power line

Red Eléctrica, through its transmission grid, evacuate the electricity generated by the powergenerating stations.

2.- Transmission substation

Next, it transports the electricity, transformed into high-voltage, from the power-generating stations to the distribution networks.

3.- Transmission/distribution substation

Subsequently, it delivers the electricity, transformed into lower voltage levels, to the distribution companies who then deliver it to the final consumer.

System operation activity
4.- Electricity control centre (Cecoel) and control centre of renewable energies (Cecre)

For this process to work, Red Eléctrica has to operate the system maintaining the constant balance between generation and consumption, due to the fact that electrical energy cannot be stored in large quantities.

5.- Electricity control centre (Cecoel) and control centre of renewable energies (Cecre)

To do this, Red Eléctrica forecasts the electricity consumption that is going to be demanded nationwide throughout the day. Power stations use this forecast to schedule their production.

6.- Electricity control centre (Cecoel) and control centre of renewable energies (Cecre)

Red Eléctrica, through its Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL), is responsible for maintaining the balance between the scheduled production and the energy demanded at each moment. And, as demand varies, it sends the appropriate orders to the power stations to adjust their production.