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The Museu de les Ciències of Valencia hosts the exhibition of Red Eléctrica de España, 'A highway behind the wall socket', that it can be visited from April, 6th 2017 to January 2018.
The electrical interconnection between Spain and France is a project declared to be of European interest whose the execution is the responsibility of Inelfe, a company founded by REE and RTE.
Electricity interconnections: a step forward towards a single integrated European energy market
In the operation of an electricity system the interconnection lines between countries play an essential role.
Drawing of an electric car
The energy and environmental challenges our society currently faces have shown the importance of developing electric mobility as the new form of transport.
Helicopter near a pylon
Red Eléctrica carries out a maintenance plan for its lines and substations with the object of maintaining their reliability and therefore guaranteeing the effective working of the transmission grid.